Monday, April 17, 2017


I got up at 4 AM today, but I had a problem.  The problem weighed about 14 pounds, gray and white, very cute and rumbly.  He was laying on my legs.  I reset the alarm and did my God Time later. 

After I had a good cuddle with Biscuit, I got up, fed him, and brushed my teeth.  I did my usual morning routine, glad I had shaved my legs yesterday. 

I got dressed, wearing one of my performance shirts.  I figured if it was going to rain, I might as well be prepared for it.  It didn't rain until about 6 PM. 

We went to work, and started stocking.  For a change, I "let" Ron have the big cart (the two smaller carts are loaded with inventory) so he could stock the bottled vendor.  It meant I had to wait on stocking "my" snacks, but it wasn't bad overall.  We needed 4 cases of water. 

One customer came up while Ron was stocking and asked if the water was cold.  We told him it was all cold.  In fact, I told him, sometimes people want a warm water and I can't provide one.  Oh, OK.  He bought a bottle. 

We get that a lot, people asking if the cold drinks, are, in fact, cold.  On our end of things, they are, unless we have a problem with one of the compressors.  They keep everything cold, if they go out there's nothing we can do until it's repaired. 

When we got our new soda machine (canned soda, we call it Soda 1), the compressor was so quiet I didn't think it was working, but it does.  In fact, it was rebuilt right before the sent it to us. 

Now, rarely, we will run out of cold sodas in the canned vendors.  Normally, we stock warm soda on top of the cold ones.  Generally speaking, we have enough cold ones to keep the customers happy until the compressor chills all of them down to 38 degrees or so (F).  Rarely, we will run out of those cold sodas and we have to make a note, letting them know the drink will be "cold after" such and such a time. 

Ron calls them "coldafters".  He hates making a "coldafter" and putting it on a machine.  Well, I make the sign, he just stocks them. 

Anyway, we got them all stocked with out any cold after signs. 

Then I went to work on "my" departments.  I stocked all the snacks just as our deliveryman called for sandwiches. 

How did we get deliveries without cell phones?  I ran out and got the delivery, then stocked it into the cold food vending machine. 

We finished up and left, then came home.  Our ride arrived quickly and had a lot of fun joking around with Ron. 

I took a nap when we got home, it was quiet.  I had a pretty good nap and woke up on my own. 

I was still tired, though.  I'm always tired unless I am manic. 

I was typing so hard my calendar fell over.  I have a "cat of the day" calendar my adoptive Mom got me.

I cleaned the litter box, etc. and I'm done for the day.  I am dying for some peanuts, though.  I don't have any salty snacks around. 

Just now, I hit a blank spot in my writing and sat in my chair, wondering how many other bloggers are hitting dead spots in their writing, staring blankly at their monitors. 

I am on a couple of message boards.  I was on one complaining about how Ron doesn't take care of his teeth and I got some interesting responses.  Ron, by the way, has a dental appointment on Wednesday. 

Hopefully it will just be an uneventful gluing the crown back into place. 

Biscuit was a little sneezy earlier but he doesn't have any discharge or congestion.  I'm hoping it's just allergies.  Maybe he's allergic to me. 

God knows I'm allergic to him. 

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