Sunday, April 9, 2017

What if they're sugar pills?

I slept OK last night but woke up tired.  And depressed, horribly depressed.   I dragged myself out of bed and took my medication.  The Wellbutrin got stuck in my mouth and started to dissolve, what a horrible bitter taste. 

I ate my protein bar and watched a little Law & Order, the classic show, not the "new" ones.  I took a shower and shaved my legs.  Then I did my God time and updated my Bible study thread. 

I looked up the hours at the cell phone store and figured out a good time to go.  I had Ron call Chuck with the time.  Ron didn't want to go with me. 

He worries about me and Chuck, yet he's always shoving me at Chuck.  It's a good thing I am a moral woman.  It is ironic, if I were to fall in love with another man it would be the kind of man who would never even CONSIDER being with a married woman.  I don't know if that would help to tell Ron that, or not.  I don't think it helps Ron to constantly read books about women cheating on their husbands, with explicit sex scenes. 

I ate some cookies and milk, and some chips, and took my medication.  I had the horrible thought as I was swallowing.  I still have symptoms.  What if Walmart is giving me sugar pills?  That would be horrible.  How would I know?  All I know, if a pill gets stuck in my mouth it tastes horrible but I don't really know if it's what it says it is.  I'm just taking it, literally, on faith. 

At any rate I had a little time to take a nap.  I tried, it was kind of noisy, and then I woke up in a panic.  I thought it was after my pickup time, then I realized I still had an hour, so I went back to sleep after drinking a large glass of water (my medication has me constantly thirsty).  I had a dream, but I don't remember it now. 

I woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm.  I got ready.  Chuck came early, he usually does, and I left. 

They set up my new auto pay and fixed my voicemail.  Good.  Now I can have all the fun I want playing with voicemail, which is nearly always solicitor calls trying to get money from me. 

I took Chuck to Burger King afterward, he got some chicken nuggets and fries, I got a piece of cheesecake and a large soda.  I was still ferociously thirsty. 

We talked a little.  While I like Chuck and appreciate what he has done for us, I am not "into" him.  I find it easier to be friends with men, than women, because I have found most women very judgemental.  Women are a lot stricter about me following all these invisible rules I was never taught, or value things I don't, like makeup, and shoes. 

I'm happy in my flip flops. 

We left and hear loud rap music coming from somewhere.  A guy had set up some kind of system in his car and was blasting it.  I worried about his hearing, and the hearing of the clerk at the gas station where he had set up. 

We got away from him pretty fast, and came home. 

I just realized I forgot to warn Chuck we have two families on the street, with little kids that run into the street.  I need to get more diligent about that, with my drivers.  I don't want to be sitting in the front passenger seat when someone gets crunched. 

I came in and gave Ron is food.  He had just eaten but he had a bite and liked it.  I put the rest in the fridge. 

I watched a little Lord of the Rings (the Hobbit movies with Bilbo) for a while and got on the computer for a while.  Ron talked about doing the monthly report but decided not to do it today. 

I don't know how much he drank today but he is quiet at least.  I will need to go to bed pretty soon so I am hoping for a quiet night.  Today hasn't been too loud but you never know. 

Sometimes #6 likes to have "family time" out in the yard after I have already gone to bed.  Oh, by the way, they appear to have gotten rid of the trampoline.  If I had to guess I'd say they had an insurance inspection and were told their rates would go up, unless they got rid of the trampoline.  That's a good thing, to me, because I have seen many photos of "blown away" trampolines that have destroyed fences and damaged nearby (as in, mine) houses.  They can blow hundreds of yards in a bad storm.  I really doubt he would bother to secure it. 

I am still playing my game with his security lights.  I have been naming various food-borne pathogens as the "monsters" in his yard lurking around and activating his security lights.  Tonight it's going to be a tarantula.  It keeps me from getting annoyed at the guy, who, for whatever reason, decided to point his security lights directly into my bedroom window.   When the lights come on, I just say "Tarantula" and envision a 6-foot spider running around in his yard.  It makes me laugh. 

Biscuit is lying by my chair.  This morning he ate so much (I fed him about an hour late, because I slept in), I worried he'd get sick, but he didn't, he just went to sleep in his basket like a cute little boy.  I will feed him his dinner if he's ready now. 

I was so out of it today I put the dry food on a plate, and not in the bowl, so they didn't really touch it.  I'll have to look and see if they ate it yet. 

I'm always happy to feed them, even when I'm depressed.  When I watch them eat I feel like I'm doing something right. 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I go online and check my pills if i have a freak out. Just do a search for a " pill identification"
There are not for profit data banks.
It is smart shit happens.
Hugs sent to the kitties! Hope your week is peaceful.
Does chuck drink i can not remember you mentioning it?

Heather Knits said...

No, he doesn't drink a drop. That's one thing I find so ironic, that Ron's enabler doesn't drink.

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