Monday, April 10, 2017

"It was raining by my house"

My internet has been really slow this afternoon.  That's aggravating.  I don't know if I have something on the computer or whether the ISP is just screwing up.  Normally, it's not this bad, so I'm going to go with ISP. 

At least I got my Bible study thread updated. 

Last night Ron made a big production out of telling me he would be having a drink at 8, but he would be able to work tomorrow.  That's like me saying I won't beat him up tomorrow. 

He's SUPPOSED to be sober. 

I'm SUPPOSED to keep my hands to myself (I would never hit Ron, because 1.  It's wrong and 2.  I'm not getting spousal abuse on my record and 3.  I don't want to go to prison). 

So.  I woke up this morning, really tired.  Torbie had slept with me, on and off.  She's a good girl and I love her but I wish she'd sleep by my head instead of my knee-foot area. 

Biscuit got on me when the alarm went off, he's always happy to wake me up.  I fed them and did my usual morning routine. 

Ron was sober, and awake.  He got ready and we went to work.  I didn't need to stock snacks, as we are going back tomorrow. 

Ron did sodas and we waited on the sandwich delivery.  He was very late, but so were we last week.

I went outside to get the delivery.  I had to use the bathroom.  I left the cart outside the ladies' room and peed.  As I was washing my hands I heard the other vendor's wife asking if it was their cart.  No, I replied.  She was out in the hall and didn't hear me, I guess. She kept asking her guy if it was their cart and I finally yelled NO very loudly.  Apparently she heard that because she left, and left my cart again. 

If she had stopped to think, both her employees are men.  Why would one of them leave a cart outside the ladies' room?   

When I went outside to get the delivery I saw a manager letting a woman in through the security door.  It was 8:40.  He told her orientation had started at 8 AM, and asked her why she was late.  "It was raining by my house".  He couldn't believe it, and made her repeat it 3 times. 

By that time I was through the door, I waited outside for a good 15 minutes before he arrived, and then I had to run back into work and stick them in the fridge.  Nothing got stocked today, but we're coming in tomorrow. 

Our ride was due in 10 minutes.  There just wasn't any time. 

On my way into the building, I saw a young girl coming out of the building.  She looked like the girl who had been late for orientation.  I couldn't help but notice her frilly sandals, in total violation of the dress code. 

I don't think she was serious about a career. 

I got Ron in his wheelchair and put my carts away.  We left and caught our ride home.  It was drizzling a little so we were happy to go. 

It wasn't supposed to rain this week, I have a feeling it's going to be a washout.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow and we have to work. 

We came home and I helped Ron for a little bit with the accounting, then I took a nap.  I didn't have any cats sleep with me this time. 

I got up and tried to turn on my cable box, which wasn't working.  I had to reboot it. 

I had some trouble with my internet but it seems OK for now. 

That's it for now. 

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Anonymous said...

My internet is always slow when it is raining..and we had had a LOT of rain as well ..not comeplaining, trying to be patient and taking extra Vit D! LOL!!!

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