Thursday, April 20, 2017

"No more vodka for me, today"

I'm typing this to the yip-yap of #2's little dog, out in the sideyard right next to my computer room. 

I didn't sleep well last night, Ron fell down twice, at two different times, waking me up.  He got himself back to bed.  I don't dare help him if he falls when drunk because he gets violent.  Then he falls again anyway. 

So, I woke up exhausted.  We went to the warehouse to buy a couple cases of bottled water.  We got stuck there for an hour.  Paratransit wants at least a one hour layover for each trip. 

Our ride came to take us to work.  Against the rules, she refused to let me sit in the front seat.  The rules say I can sit in any empty seat I choose.  But she was one of those "I don't let people sit in the front seat unless I like them", people. 

I figured I didn't want to sit with her, either.  I figured out why she didn't let me sit up front when she started texting.  I don't know how she thought she would get away with it. 

She also took "her" route and not the logical route, then pulled in front of the plant and stopped under the tree.  We told her we go through the gate and get dropped by the front door. 

"Well, the other guy didn't do that". 

Do we look like the other guy?  I was glad to get away from her. 

She wasn't done yet, she made derogatory comments about the cat hair on our clothes and asked what animal it came from. 

We told her we had cats and she scoffed at us. 

But I bet she has a little dog. 

Then she left. 

We went in and got to work.  First order of business, sales tax.  We filled out the form, wrote the check, and mailed it.  They should get it in a day or so.  I stocked snacks, Ron stocked sodas.  I got drinks for him on occasion.  We were pretty busy.  We didn't need more time than we had, though. 

We went outside to find our ride already waiting for us.  He was a nice guy.  I like him.  I think he is Salvadoran or Cuban.  He took us to the bank and helped me get Ron in the wheelchair. 

While at the bank, someone wished me a happy "420" day.  I said "You, too!".  I guess I look like a pot smoker.  Maybe it was my red eyes from not being able to sleep. 

We did our business and waited on Lou the cab driver.  Lou took us to Burger King.  I would have rather gone through the drive-through but Ron wanted to sit down in the restaurant.  And he's paying.  So Lou drove away. 

"I hope you're still around when we're done" I said. 
"Hopefully" he replied "I'll be halfway to Sugarland!" (Sugarland is very far away, probably a $100 trip). 

We ate our food and called Lou.  He already had another trip, but not quite Sugarland material.  He suggested we call Yellow Cab. 

We did that.  The driver showed up in about 20 minutes, not too bad, and was a driver we already knew.  Apparently, things are so tough in the cab business he is doing yardwork, too.  He gave us a card. 

I went in the house, put our burgers away, and took a nap.  I was pretty tired.  I slept OK and actually had some dreams. 

I woke up around 4. 

I did my God Time.  While I was doing it, Ron threw up.  "No more vodka for me today".  I had to stifle my cheer.  I babied him a little, but what he really wanted was a piece of bread.  So, I gave it to him.  He said it helped. 

Happily, Ron made it to the toilet when he got sick so I didn't have anything to clean. 

Then I fed the cats.  Biscuit was in my computer chair and I figured it was a good way to move him.  It was. 

Everyone came and feasted on their cat food, then wandered off.  Baby Girl curled up with Ron.  It was funny, earlier he was petting her too much and she growled at him, but once he got sick she was glued to his side.  She's a faithful little beast. 

I watched a little TV and made plans with Ron.  When I go to the dentist with Ron, I like to have some candy.  But I don't have any candy and Ron has an appointment on Monday.  So, we are making a short trip to Walmart tomorrow, but not too long. 

I need to talk to my bank.  My charity debits have my old card number, and they are going through.  But the bank gave me a new number.  Do both cards work?  Or will the new one supersede the old one, once I officially use it?  I need to know. 

I will probably look like an idiot, but that's OK.  I just want to make sure everyone gets paid.  I gave Cricket my new number so I need to know that will work in a couple of days. 

I don't want to go back to the store and fix it again. 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe do a search for "how to stop a neighbors dog from barking" and see if anything easy and kind comes up?

The idea of having so much vodka at that time of day makes me want to hurl I am so sorry Heather

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