Friday, April 7, 2017

A little cranky today

A pretty quiet day. 

I got up at 8, did my usual morning routine (God Time, shower, pill time, etc.) and met Chuck to go to Walmart.  Ron was still asleep when I left the house. 

We went to my bank and I got a chip card.  They actually made the card in the bank and gave it to me.  They said I would still have the same card number, and I do.  They didn't tell me they would change the expiration date and the secret number. 

Great.  Now I have to fix all my auto-pays, I just got Cricket fixed and now this.  Oh, I hope it works.  I also have 3 charity things that come out every month I will need to fix. 

I need to go to Cricket anyway to get my voicemail fixed.  Right now it isn't working, but no one ever leaves a message for me.  They either call back or text.  While I'm there, we can get the auto pay fixed.  I plan to do that tomorrow night, maybe. 

I will have to contact the charities individually.  I know one of them is pretty easy to change an autopay, the other two will be more tricky. 

Agh.  All so they can force me to have a chip card, which I never use for everyday stuff anyway.  I only use my debit card online. 

I went to Walmart and got stuff like cat litter, etc.  I got a shower caddy basket, then put in a grooming brush, it has the bristles and the metal ones with the round plastic on the end; round tipped scissors, because I hear it is very easy to cut a cat when you are removing a mat; some Advantage, etc.  All of that went into the basket. 

I bought a few things for us, and checked out.  I got stuck behind lonely old coupon lady from Hell.  She kept monopolizing the cashier, who is a sympathetic soul and clearly wanted to give the old lady what she wanted, attention/validation; but it was conflicting with the rest of her job, which is to get people out quickly.  Every time I thought the old lady was done, she pulled out another coupon. 

Sometimes I hate the price match coupons.  I really do. 

She finally left.  Then we had Mexican mama getting baby oil, wipes, diapers, stuff like that.  She also got some hair dye so I guess she is getting early grays. 

Then me.  We did OK but we both forgot to ring up the litter until she helped me put the bags in my cart.  Ooops!  We finished that quick. 

I found Chuck.  I ate some chicken nuggets and we went home.  Chuck helped me unload. 

I did the cat litter, all 38 pounds of it.  It wasn't heavy to me, though. 

Ron was awake and I gave him the rest of my chicken nuggets.  He was happy with them.  I took a nap for a couple of hours but didn't sleep very well, #2 had yappy the dog out in the backyard.  The dog barks at everything. 

They put it inside right as I got up.  I hate that. 

Ron and I went to Arby's.  We got stuck there for a while and didn't get home until 7:15, right as #6 was coming home from one of his kid's soccer games.  They let the baby (about 2.5) run around in their yard and kept having to rein her in, because she wanted to get into our garage, mess with Ron's wheelchair, etc.  As Ron would say, "Control your animal". 

When we pulled up, and I saw they were unloading, the first thing I told the driver is "Look out for kids.  They don't teach their kids to stay out of the street."  The driver reacted accordingly, moving very slowly. 

Why don't they teach their kids to stay out of the street?  Aren't they watching the news and seeing the sad tales of little dead toddlers run over by cars?  I see one story like that at least once a year, and I know they have them on the Spanish stations too.  Maybe they don't watch the news.  I don't know. 

It baffles me, especially since I told them Ron ended up in a wheelchair after being hit by a car.  I would think you would want to avoid that. 

If I had known it was even a possibility, I would have made Ron take a cab to work every day. 

Anyway, Ron just told me I have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow.  But, I'll be done early too so that's not bad.  Sales have been quiet this week, I think because it's a holiday week.  Spring break, Easter, etc. 

That's it for now.  About the only other thing of note, I did brush Baby Girl today.  I used the new brush and some catnip spray on the brush.  She was wary but let me to it, and seemed to feel better/prettier after I finished.  I even did Biscuit too, even though he doesn't need it. 

Biscuit is very good at grooming, except for his butt. 

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