Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday night special

I got up at 2:30 this morning and took my shower.  I did my God Time later. 

I got dressed and ate my protein bar, drinking my diet Mountain Dew.  I got Ron ready, too, and I fed the cats. 

Our ride came and we left for work.  We got there about 4:15 AM.  Good thing it's open 24/7 (if you have a security badge). 

We got to work.  I did snacks while Ron worked on canned sodas, which were, apparently, dead.  I finished up with snacks about the time he moved on to stocking the bottled vendor. 

But first we had our Dr Pepper delivery.  He came around 6 AM.  I had to go out to the loading dock, during "rush hour".  Trucks were flying by every few minutes.  Huge trucks.  The driver stood by his truck, unloading our order onto the cart I'd brought.  I about had the vapors when I tried to go out to him, my PTSD started screaming.  I don't like to be anywhere near "traffic" or where I could get hit by a vehicle, and it was a pretty risky spot.  It was also dark and hard for the truck drivers to see pedestrians. 

He pushed the cart to our area and left it there.  We paid him and he left.  Normally the driver helps us unload.  Oh, well.  I unloaded all 29 cases (well, 58 12-packs).   The other vendor was complaining she couldn't get orange soda in the 24 packs.  I encouraged her to get it in 12 packs, like we did.  After checking with Ron, I sold her 2 cases so they had something to put in their vending machines. 

If I can help the other vendor out, I'm going to do it.  What they do in return is up to them but they have been pretty decent. 

I just want to know I did what I could, I have enough to answer for on Judgment Day. 

Cart empty, I helped Ron get drinks for the bottled vendor, and drinks to restock the fridge.  That took a while. 

Then we were done.  Hours early.  Ron cancelled our ride home and called a cab. 

While waiting, I mentioned it would be cool if we got Roy, who lives nearby.  We didn't have his number but he works that area.  Not many drivers do.  Sure enough, we got him.  We got his number and Ron even called him to make sure he had the right number. 

We got home pretty quick, Ron paid the man, and we went inside. 

The cats were ready for another can of food.  See, whenever Biscuit is hungry he gets up on the table, where I feed them.  Then he sits on the bucket I use to store the dry food.  I can't open the bucket because he is sitting on it, so I give him wet food instead. 

They had eaten most of the first can, and Biscuit got up on the bucket again, so I gave them their second can (I feed them 2 cans a day).  I fed the dry food when Biscuit wasn't around.  Baby Girl was very appreciative. 

I need to brush Baby Girl when I get a chance, I haven't done her yet.  She is a good girl about getting brushed, but she does bite the brush sometimes. 

I took a nap and had a pretty good one.  I was a little cold from the air conditioner, which was funny considering it was 90 (F) outside.  It was also oppressively humid. 

It's supposed to rain tomorrow night.  I will roll up my exterior blinds so they don't hit the window and break it.  The exterior blinds help a lot in keeping the air conditioning bill down.  Ron also got a better price per unit on the electricity, so it should be a lot lower this summer even if we have a hellish clambake. 

After I got up, I did my God Time, and then Ron and I went out to dinner at Burger King.  He likes the Bacon King, and God knows it has plenty of protein.  I had the chicken nuggets, they have a really good BBQ sauce.  I got a little queasy when I took my pills but it's not too bad. 

We had a good ride home and I turned on the computer.  I had to move Torbie, who was in the computer chair.  She didn't want to go. 

I have the TV on but I'm not really watching it. 

I just need to pretreat the stains and use the lint brush (cat hair!) on our clothes so I can do a load tomorrow.  Ron and I agreed during dinner it is "too much" to do all the pretreating and then the wash all on the same day.  No wonder I hate doing laundry. 

This way should make it more manageable. 

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