Monday, April 3, 2017

Just a really bad day

I'm going to get this over with before I do my God Time because God would rather not deal with me angry, it interferes with my prayers if I can't forgive someone (that's in the Bible). 

So, a large paratransit van pulled up.  "Oh, you're in a wheelchair".   Well, yes, that's what it says in the computer.  She already had 4 wheelchairs. 

Oh!  That was infuriating!  I just found #6 parked in my driveway.  I had Ron call the police but he left before Ron completed the call.  Great.  Now he thinks he can do this on a regular basis. 

I will have to write him a letter, saying, if I catch you or your friends parked in my driveway again I will either call a tow truck, or the police.  You have been warned.  I don't care that he got a big cement delivery for yet another backyard project (he's really running out of yard at this rate), he could have parked in front of the house.  No one would have cared, and it is legal.  He has his guys do it all the time,. and they usually block the driveway too.  When I ask him to move, the basically says "Go away, I'll move it when I want to". 

Anyway, the driver was playing helpless "I'm going to have to unload all the wheelchairs because they didn't tell me you were in a wheelchair!"  Look at your computer!  You could have done all this at your last stop and not put us in the middle of the drama. 

Then she wanted to load Ron in his wheelchair, and have him WALK, navigating all the straps and wheelchairs, to get to the seat.  This is a man who took 15 minutes to get off the floor into his wheelchair.  I just knew he would fall. 

Ron says he can walk up the stairs.  I was very skeptical but he said he could do it.  The driver practically had to drag him up the stairs.  The van was packed, the way she had loaded the wheelchairs made me claustrophobic.  We went to work and got unloaded, and there is the other vendor's wife. 

"I thought you weren't coming, what happened?"  I mumbled something about technical difficulties.  No, honey, Ron was too drunk to work, and he really still is right now, but let's not talk about it.   Agh. 

I got Ron to work and left him by his work wheelchair.  It took him a while to get set up in the chair. 

In the meantime, I had to stock.  I took all the carts out of the stockroom and got to work.  Our sandwich guy called.  I left to go get them. 

On my way out, I encountered a huge puddle of vomit extending about 50 feet.  I went around it, I'm not getting that crap on my tires.  I got the delivery, avoided the mess again, and went back to work.  I stocked and got all my work done. 

Ron kept confusing his sodas and having to take them out of the vending machines.  I hope we don't get "Wrong soda came out" issues when we go in to work.  I helped him when I could and did the bottled vendor because he had gotten himself too far behind. 

He didn't want to suspend our pickup and stay there till we finished.  He wanted to work a half shift, try to do all the work, impaired.  It made for a difficult work day. 

Then he ran so late they were calling us to come out of the building, but he was so slow getting everything done.  We almost got left again

We finally got out there, and rode with a  blind lady to her dialysis appointment.  I am not doing dialysis.  Nope, nuh-uh, no way. 

Let me rephrase, I have seen and endless stream of sick, debilitated, and miserable people.  I will only do dialysis if God himself decrees it. 

We got home and found a car parked in front of the house.  What the heck?  It is just my day, let me tell you. 

It was the boss, with forms to fill out. Apparently no one can get the refunds on their repairs unless everyone fills out these forms.  We filled them out. 

I went in the house and took my pills.  I tried to lay down and get a nap, I got a partial one (remember Ron kept me up for 2 nights straight), and then #6 with the cement truck and the "improvements" in his backyard.  I guess he plans to pave the whole thing.  Little did I know the "parking in my driveway too" routine.  I wonder why he thought he could do it, this time. 

My only consolation, he must be running out of space.  He only has a 4K square foot lot.  His home, with "improvements" (which don't look very professional) is maybe 2K.  The front yard has to be lawn, per the homeowner's association, so he has that landscaped.  He just dug up his whole lawn and resodded it, but he isn't watering it properly and it is wilting.  He also put a bunch of sod in the backyard last week. 

I think he's bipolar, he's got this manic drive to DO, DO, DO! that looks very familiar to me.  He has his own business (I won't say what kind) and doesn't work from home, so I guess business is just really slow right now, so he's diverting resources to his home.  There's a good chance that will bite him one day, but that's his business. 

I just wish he would leave me alone in the afternoons already.  I need my nap, especially if Ron is keeping me up half the night with his blackouts. 

Ron is almost out of vodka.  Here's to hoping Chuck takes a couple of days getting Ron his new liquor.  Then, I can sleep. 

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Anonymous said...

This situation with Ron is out of control. Living your life praying to god that chuck does not get him more vodka for a few more days so you can sleep is ridiculous. You need to start looking at an exit plan for this nightmare. If you die before Ron I feel sorry for the cats.

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