Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Some violent acts I've committed

I've had a nasty headache today.  I got up, took my shower.  I felt like taking the shower was harder than going for some of my old runs.  That's how I knew I was depressed. 

I took it, did my God Time, and watched a little TV.  The headache persisted through several doses of aspirin.   It's still around, the glare from my desk lamp is really uncomfortable.  There, I unplugged it. 

I decided to take a nap around 12.  I fished Biscuit out of his basket and brought him to bed with me, hoping he'd stay a while.  He did.  He tangled his legs with mine and we made quite the little heap in the bed.  It was very cute, and I was very careful not to disturb him. 

I ended up napping on my back with my hands on my chest.  Ron woke me up at 3, getting his liquor from Chuck.  No, I didn't get a day off.  Ron bought wine this time.  He thinks it will be "better" for the both of us. 

I had to tell him, you have had blackouts on wine (I remember, because I lost my temper, put the wine box in the sink, and stabbed it to death with a kitchen knife, about 14 years ago).  He has also had blackouts on beer (I smashed the remaining beer in the garage, about 13 years ago).  I told him about this, not about the alcohol murdering, and strongly suggested portion control.  I told him that 1/2 his 16 ounce cup, is two servings.  He said OK.  He didn't drink anymore than the half a cup. 

He will be using up the ice, though.  I guess he will want some help with making ice.  I don't have a problem making ice, because he can use that for anything, but Ron knew better than to ask for help when it came to getting the alcohol. 

Oh, I just sneezed and my head hurt.  I forgot to tell you, in the shower today I managed to irrigate my right nostril.  That was very unpleasant. 

We work tomorrow but it will probably be tricky, because they are having "multicultural day" celebrating all the cultures at work (rolleyes) I guess because someone complained black history month was divisive. 

I have to get my appetite up and eat, so I can take my medication.  I don't feel up to it yet but I will.  I'll just be glad when this headache is gone. 

Pretty bad when I wake up at 10:24 PM (last night) and have to take some aspirin. 

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Spankadoo said...

If it makes you feel better or laugh at the picture in your brain? I tossed a raw eggplant at my hiusband's head. To this day I savor the memory of the shock on his face as the eggplant came like a purple Torpedo

Long story short his turn to cook and we had both had a bad day ..but I had to commute in traffic for almost two hours and was so HANGRY and he tossed the raw eggplant on the table and said "There's your dinner"

Yes I would do it again in a minute

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