Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Don't make us choose"

Last night was troubling.  I lay in bed, trying to sleep, listening to Ron mutter "Bitch" now and then.  I was worried he would get up, come in my room, and confront me, but he didn't. 

I have also "cluttered" up the path to my bedside enough that he can't get the wheelchair over there.  If he tried to get in the room, he would definitely wake me up. 

I had to listen to him muttering, off and on, with snoring, for a couple of hours.  The last time he woke me up was 12:47 PM.  Thankfully I have today off work, so I could sleep in. 

Torbie came to sleep with me after a while, probably also worried about Ron's behavior. 

I had strange dreams (no wonder!) and woke up around 8.  I "slept in" until 8:30 but Biscuit was acting piteous, meowing, howling, and kneading me for breakfast.  I had given him a double portion of dry (but still within the diet) last night but apparently they had eaten it all. 

I like it when he lays in my lap, when I'm lying in bed.  It's very comforting and about the only time he does get in my lap.  What, I stink?  [grin]  Cats are very particular. 

I got up and weighed myself.  I was up about 8 pounds, not happy to see that, but not terribly surprised.  I brushed my teeth as Biscuit howled in protest.  I worried he'd wake Ron.  He didn't. 

Then I fed Biscuit, I beat him to the bucket of food and fed him his dry, then the wet.  Baby Girl joined him on the table as Torbie stayed in the bed. 

It's been about 4 years since I got Torbie.  I'm really glad I did.  I really hope Torbie is still glad she picked me. 

She just jumped up in my lap before I even saw her, and started purring.  I pet her for about an hour.  I decided to take her.  Then they told me she was an older (5-8) cat.  I was a little uncertain.  I had just lost an older cat.  Then they told me she had 2 days left.  She had been there for 28.  So I took her. 

She didn't get on with Baby Girl at first, but that was Ron's fault.  He didn't introduce them properly and caused jealousy.  Once we got over that they were fine. 

So, I'm going to get out of my chair, take a shower, shave my legs (I like to shave them on my day off, when I don't have to rush), and do my God Time.  I can hear Ron is awake now but he's not saying anything. 

I just hope we don't have all the drama AGAIN, today.  I couldn't even call my parents last night because Ron was screaming at me.  I had to send them a text and tell them I will call them today. 

I will tell them some of what happened but not all of it.  They basically told me "Don't make us choose" when I had related some abusive behavior to them one time. 

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