Friday, April 21, 2017

Nothing is unfixable

Well, I got up this morning about 7, but went back to sleep for a while due to Biscuit, AND Torbie, being in my bed.  There is nothing better than sleeping with a cat, in my book. 

I got up a little after 8, still plenty of time, I figured, to get ready before Chuck took me to the bank and Walmart.  I wanted to ask a question about my account, and I also needed to buy some stuff. 

Ron gave me a rather long list.  I was surprised, but he needed Pepto, hygienic stuff, etc.  I was glad he was paying for the trip. 

He decided to pay Chuck to take me, rather than take a paratransit trip.  While I was in the shower, though, Chuck called Ron and said he was having a vertigo attack. 

He is having them a lot, lately. 

All he can do for them is take his medication and sleep for a while. 

Ron was upset, but decided to call me a cab, instead.  I did my God Time first, though. 

Ron called Lou, who came right at 10 AM.  We chatted on the way, and he dropped me off. 

I went to the bank and took care of my business.  Basically, some transactions only require the account number, not the expiration or magic number on the back.  Some do.  The transactions that don't need the extra information are still going to run on my account. 

So, I probably didn't need to go to my cell phone provider and have them "fix" it. 

Then I went to Walmart.  I bought all the things Ron wanted and a few things for myself. 

I like my electric toothbrush, for instance.  It was part of an $8 two-pack (I gave the other one to Ron),but it's kind of big in my mouth.  I like to use a child's toothbrush. 

So, I found a purple mermaid electric toothbrush, with a small head.  It only cost $3.  It is designed to be disposable. 

I had fun shopping but I didn't take long.  I got in one line, but got stuck behind the insane coupon lady.  She had a sale flyer for each fruit and vegetable on the conveyor belt, and was arguing with the cashier.  I went to another lane. 

I paid up and bought a couple hamburgers at McDonald's.  I don't really get excited about McD's, but it's filling and cheap.  I have eaten it my whole life. 

I had Ron call Lou, who showed up promptly.  I talked to a few paratransit drivers who were there to pick up clients.  One lady had an enormous trainee in the front seat.  I don't know how she is going to strap down wheelchairs or pick up packages, she weighed at least 450 pounds.  She will also have to push her seat back in order to fit behind the steering wheel, which will make it difficult for her clients to fit in the backseat. 

But I guess they couldn't tell her that, it would be discriminatory, so they will let her and the trainer figure it out on their own.  Some jobs, sad to say, have a weight limit. 

Lou showed up and took me home.  I put away the cold items and gave Ron a hamburger, his pepto, and his antacids.  His stomach has been bothering him. 

That would be great if stomach trouble kept Ron from drinking, but like the poster said, I won't be telling him about the kids sticking alcohol laced tampons up their hoo-haws.  In the meantime, I will help him treat his symptoms. 

Ron asked if I had ever taken antacids and I reminded him I ate a lot of them when I worked at Target.  Poor Target.  They never knew I was sick, and poor Heather, I never knew I was sick.  It wasn't a good fit, as a result. 

I often think how my life would have changed if I had gotten my diagnosis and medication, back, say, in 1990 instead of 2006.  That's a lot of years I lost. 

But, God says He will "restore the years the locust (or illness) has eaten".  It's in the book of Joel.  Important to remember nothing is unfixable. 

After Ron ate his burger, I took a nap for a while.  At first I had a hard time due to that dog next door yap, yap, yapping.  I hope they are giving it heartworm medication, because if it's outside it can get heartworms.  It barked at nothing, and everything, for over an hour before it finally shut up. 

Maybe they brought it in the house.  I asked God to either 1.  Stop the barking (He did) or 2.  Make it so I could sleep with the barking.  I don't like to tell God what to do.  But I will give Him suggestions. 

He helped, that's all that matters, and I got my nap. 

I got up and checked the mail.  It was getting pretty warm in the house so I asked Ron to turn on the air conditioner.  He did, complaining bitterly the whole time. 

I rolled down the exterior blinds so we wouldn't have any trouble with the sun heating up the house.  They are very effective unless we have a thunderstorm coming in, then I need to race outside and roll them up again.  The wind could cause them to break a window.  We already had a broken window last year, we don't need another. 

I watched a little TV and planned tomorrow with Ron.  We have to work which means I get up at 4 AM on a Saturday. 

Boy, back in the days of working for someone else, I would have screamed about it.  These days it is just a part of my schedule. 

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Spankadoo said...

My friend said if it is ongoing just get a dog whistle and blast it every time the little bugger goes off
She said to tell you it can get worse before it gets better but has always worked for her
We used an air horn but that is not as subtle LOLOL! One time we had HAD it I walked into the yard with a boat air horn walked up to his snarling barking face and blasted him through the fence ..I was fortunately cool with the neighbors so they kept him in more after that and he never barked at me again if he looked snippy I held whatever i Had in my hand like a horn and said "want some more of this?" He was ok just not well cared for sadly.

But the little tapper you could just stand by a window and every time you heard him let it go until he stops then you stop ? It is a thought ?

So annoying and I adore dogs but none of mine ever barked enough let alone too much I wanted them to at least not show people were our good stuff was ...huge hugs

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