Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not a good day

So, today. 

Another early wakeup, no cats cuddling in my bed this morning, though.  I got up and took my shower, did my God Time later. 

We went to work.  Work was challenging because Ron wanted me to pay some bills.  As you know, you have to make out the check, make sure you have the account number on it, etc. 

I told Ron, if I paid the bills I would not be able to help him.  He is accustomed to shouting for me, and having me drop everything to help him, whenever he wants. 

He kept bothering me.  I finally told him plainly: I can pay the bills, or I can help you.  Which do you want?  Because I am entirely prepared to put up the [bill paying stuff] if you ask me for help again. 

He KNEW I had to focus.  How can I keep doing the bills if he keeps bugging me, over stupid crap like "Is this a Dr Pepper?"  Ask a customer, they were everywhere.  If he really needed me to fetch him drinks, etc. he should have asked me to do it FIRST, then do the bills. 

He got all upset but he left me alone after that.  Once I had mailed everything, then I told him I was available, after I emptied the coffee machine waste bucket pail.  I can't exactly set that down on the nice clean white floor and go help Ron, leaving the bucket for someone to knock over. 

By the time I finished all that, he was done.  I had done what I could to keep everything stocked for the next couple days.  I didn't get to stock some candy bars in Snack #3, but it will be OK. 

We left and had a ride home with another one of those "I want that easy job at the Post Office" (for his wife) people.  He wouldn't listen to a word I said on the subject.  He was convinced I was "hiding" a good, easy, job for his wife, a job that paid very well (not really), and was just refusing to give him the information.  He was very persistent and rude. 

As a result, I've come to a conclusion.  I have had this encounter many, many, times.  It always starts and ends the same way.  "So, you work at the Post Office, huh?" and ending, thinking I am just a bitch who is withholding their dream job from them. 

So, I will tell them how to apply.  Hopefully that will end the conversation.  "If you want to work there, go to this website" and give it to them.  Let them find out the truth on their own.  Buyer beware. 

In today's case, though, she wouldn't have qualified because she is unemployed right now.  The Post Office does not want to hire the unemployed, they want to hire people who are already working.  So, she wouldn't have gotten it anyway. 

It was ironic, because we passed a billboard for a school bus driver job, and I told him she should look into that.  They pay over $16 an hour, free child care, good hours.  There were other perks I'm forgetting because I will never be a school bus driver.  At any rate, he took one look at the sign and immediately dismissed it. 

I couldn't help but wonder, he can't support a household of two on 12 hour days at $38 an hour?  Or maybe he just wants her to suffer, too.  I don't know. 

We got home.  I was pretty wiped out.  I told Ron I was taking a nap, and he spent the next hour on the phone. 

I was upset for two reasons, when he told me why.  One, he thought it was OK for him to talk on the phone, loudly at times, during my nap "Because I was in the kitchen".  Just because you can't hear me in the kitchen doesn't mean the reverse applies. 

Second, he was trying to find a place that didn't exist: the place "where we used to go, that had a Popeye's (Chicken) right next to a Burger King". 

We never went to any place like that.  We went to a McDonald's that was right next to a Popeye's.  It makes me wonder if he is losing his memory or what. 

He finally found some place that had the desired combination of restaurants, it was over 10 miles away.  When I woke up he wanted to take me there. 

I told him about the correct restaurants and said I'd rather not.  He offered Burger King.  I said OK.  But no one took the trip so we cancelled that. 

It's not a great Burger King anyway, it has a lot of people come in there begging.  For whatever reason, beggars think I am an easy mark and pester me.  Maybe it's because I'm with Ron, they think I am a "softie". 

I remember one time I was riding in a paratransit cab.  We approached a beggar on a median and parked at a red light.  The client in the back seat frantically tried to roll down her window and try to give the guy money (and he was pretty scary looking).  Her rationale: if she didn't, a serial killer would "get" her daughter when she was broken down by the side of the road one day.  The driver had "childlock" on the windows so she couldn't roll them down, she was screaming, crying, and demanding he do it or her daughter "would die". 

So I guess it does work, for some people. 

I finally told Ron about the waking me up thing.  He wanted to know why I didn't get up and confront him then.  Well, he was drunk.  When he's drunk he gets ugly.  That was the main reason but I didn't say anything.  I just told him I was hoping he would stop, which was true. 

He took it as a deep personal attack and said it would be a long time before he "forgave me".  What shames me is how that crap used to work, and how I would be so desperate for his "forgiveness" for a sin he committed. 

Tomorrow we go to the dentist and get his bad tooth pulled.  That's not going to be fun for me, because I had 8 teeth pulled, total, 4 for braces while awake, and 4 for wisdom teeth while asleep.  The first experience was so bad I actually borrowed money from my Dad to pay for the anesthesia for the second.  And I have never asked him for money since.  It was the best $150 I'd ever spent. 

At any rate, once you hear that "crunch, crunch" noise of a tooth getting pulled, you never forget it.  And I will have to listen to it tomorrow.  I might opt out and sit in the waiting room. 

So, that's it for tonight.  I hope you have a good one. 

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