Monday, April 3, 2017

Third ride to work, actually the fourth

Thought I'd keep you posted as I'm NOT AT WORK yet.  And I need to be. 

Ron was so slow getting ready the designated ride to work left.  Then he called for a send-back.  Then he cancelled it, decided he didn't want to go to work, and called me a cab. 

He just cancelled the cab (without asking me) and called paratransit back for a 3rd ride to work. 

In between, he lost his cell phone twice, cursed at me a lot, and fell a few times. 

Oh, what a morning.  It's a good thing I carry my migraine pills. 

I just hope, when the ride comes, he doesn't try to "transfer" (get out of the wheelchair into a regular seat) or he is liable to fall again. 

My sandwich delivery arrives at 8:30.  I hope we get there by then.  It's one thing if I suffer during a blackout; another if an innocent delivery person does. 

He's not even sorry, either.  Swears he didn't drink anything last night when I can CLEARLY see the level in the bottle is way down. 

The only positive thing I can say about this: Ron only had the one bottle left.  It is almost empty now. 


Spankadoo said...

Oh my Gosh am sorry you are going through this . I have no words but to make sure you do you Heather you do you! I am older and am realizing it now ..sending you love and huge hugs !

Anonymous said...

What about a support group close by is there anything? Someplace where you can be validated and share your experiences of survival. You know what you are dealing with but are alone too much with your own brain. It is very depressing.

Anonymous said...

Big deal that the bottle is almost empty. He will just get his friend chuck to buy him more. I hope you don't lose paratransit rides if his behavior continues. You really need to start trying to get another job or get disability from SS.

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