Sunday, June 19, 2016

Without them

Oh, a brutal headache today. 

I woke up with it at 1 AM.  I was sleeping with Torbie, very carefully arranged so I wouldn't hurt her paw, or roll over and squash her.  I got up and took some aspirin with a cold soda. 

I went back to sleep.  Woke up at 5:30, it was worse, went back to sleep.  Woke up at 7, it was really bad.  I could take something else by this point, so I took the OTC headache pills (caffeine + Aspirin + Tylenol) with another cold soda (Diet Dew) and went back to sleep. 

I did my God Time.  That's about it so far, other than cat care: I fed the cats, cleaned the box, and wiped Torbie down with a wet washcloth.  She can't groom herself so I do it for her (her private area seems fine, so I just did torso, legs, head, and tail).  She seemed to feel "fresher" after I finished. 

I put my Fire tablet on the charger.  The battery was really low.  I need to remember to charge it more often. 

I am not so good with new technology these days.  The medication can make my learning curve foggy and dim.  Of course, I can't take my antidepressant with this headache or I will go straight to vomiting. 

Oh, I feel like crap.  My period is due today.  I never used to believe that "Get a migraine on the day I start my period" myth until it started happening to me.  My poor reproductive system is trying so hard to stay fertile, when that's the last thing I want. 

I don't want kids.  I don't need a period.  But tell my body that! 

I have been getting spotting for a couple of days first, then it starts, then a shorter "regular" cycle, then all done for another 3 weeks.  Happily it has been highly predictable so I can at least plan my schedule around the headaches, and buy necessary supplies before need. 

Oh, I feel like crap.  I'm going to try to take a shower before I go back to bed.  I hope I can beat this thing sometime today. 

Tomorrow will be a longer day, but I'll get paid (late).  Ron feels horrible he forgot but I had enough money until yesterday.  I bought some chili on clearance at Sam's.  I got a case for our driver (can't beat $2.03 a case), and a couple for us, plus some mints I enjoy (those were more expensive at almost $12 for an 8 pack).  I guess you could say the mints wiped out my budget. 

I like to sleep with a couple of mints in my mouth.  I have a very dry mouth and it helps.  I know I am not "supposed" to do that but I like it and it helps.  They are sugarfree so they won't hurt my teeth. 

Oh, toothpaste.  I don't want to think about toothpaste. 

That reminds me, I need to get my gums scraped pretty soon.  They are getting a little tender.  It is always a horrible procedure but I feel much better once I heal up. 

The whole right side of my head is throbbing.  That's a nasty headache. 

I just thank God for the OTC headache pills.  Things would be a lot worse, without them. 


Anonymous said...

Wow just catching up you have been busy!
The pics of the coned kitty! Oh my goidness!
Mental health is no joke (second trip to my new therapist tomorrow).

.be kind to yourself. ..i am trying to set an example and be kinder to myself as well.
You have taught us a lot sharing your life. Thsnks.

Anonymous said...

We changed our outlets to universal ports for a few bucks at the box now anywhere in the house i have a plug in i can plug in my tech to charge. Cheap swap out if you " stock up" then hit your fix it person to swap them out,? Takes just a few min and the power off ( yikes!!) good youtubes on it check them out. We needed new outlets and so this worked out great. Safety issue to keep wires and chargers to a minimum that is for sure.

You have been hammered and are so tired, ron is being a dick for sure , water off a ducks ass and you called it he " gaslights " big time. I am sorry so much thougher when you are tired.

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