Monday, June 13, 2016

A lot about Torbie

I slept horribly last night, worried about Torbie.  To compound the problem, I kept rolling over on her, including her feet.  Ouch. 

Well, not "ouch", yet.  I put away all the food and water after the appropriate times.  Ron did individual feedings for Baby Girl and Biscuit. 

He swore he made sure Torbie didn't get any, and she seemed to be pretty planted with me, so that worked out. 

I got up (late), took a shower, and put Torbie in her box.  Then I put the water out, she wasn't too happy about that, and I also put out a num-num for the other cats.  Ron did not take the cover off the food bowl "I was feeding them all night". 

Our driver came on time and we put Torbie in the backseat, then drove to the vet.  They were open early. 

I gave them the candy, which was a big hit.  How hard is it to buy a back of Hershey Minis?  Do it the next time you take your pet to the vet. 

We took Torbie in an exam room, talked, I approved the estimate, and signed consent forms for surgery.  Then they sent me away. 

Torbie responds to Feliway, which is, as far as I can tell, pot for cats.  It makes them very mellow.  She was pretty relaxed when I left her. 

We went to breakfast, then to the bank.  I deposited a large chunk to cover the surgery and the homeowner's insurance. 

I had called the vet and they said it is easier to take a credit card than cash.  I shouldn't be surprised.  They also said they would check for a microchip. 

I was told BARC, the animal shelter, inserted a microchip, but they were very busy that day so I would like to know for certain.  They said they would check. 

Then I stopped bothering the vet's office. 

We went home after the depo$it and I took a nap.  I laid down and started to fall asleep, and my phone rang.  It was the vet.  They were done, tumor off, Torbie was fine and in recovery. 

I asked if they had made her a cone-head, as I was worried about chewing, and they said yes they had.  Good. 

Then I had a good nap.  When I got up I rolled a blanket, making a perimeter for Torbie to have a safe space.  I shouldn't roll over on her.  I will hit the blanket and know to pull back. 

That's the idea, at any rate.  That's also assuming she wants to sleep in the bed after her surgery. 

She may want to sleep with Ron, or here in the computer room. 

I did tell the vet Torbie likes treats, and they have her brand.  Apparently the company sends them large boxes of samples. 

Now I'm just waiting on my ride to the vet.  When we get there, I will pay up, get my cat, and receive my discharge instructions.  Hopefully she won't need any special litter. 

I did forget about that. 

I lived with 2 cats that were declawed and it was a horrible process for them both.  My father insisted they had to be declawed to live with us.  On my own, I had a polydactyl cat (extra toes), who had 3-4 extra toes on each of her front feet.  She couldn't get the old claws off due to the malformation in her feet and I ended up declawing a couple of toes, with the vet's approval.  He never did declaws but the claws were growing into her pads and causing her pain.  He was happy to fix that.  We left all the other claws so she could shred the furniture.  LOL  And she did. 

In the second case, she didn't need any special litter.  In fact, I think she was in so much pain before, "after" was nothing to her.  She made a very quick recovery.  It used to bother me to see her jump off the sink, onto the floor, the day after surgery but she didn't flinch. 

I did enough of that for both of us! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Heather it sounds like everything went perfectly! With you as the nurse Torby will have a speedy thorough recovery, back to herself in no time. In my heart of hearts i think the pathology report will be totally negative . I actually would have liked to see it , this kind of thing is up my alley. Awwwww to the cone! I thought of you when i saw a kitty in a cone and wondered.
I feel like we have coffee and chat, your writing style is very clear , you do take us with you. I think you are amazing and extremely smart. I feel sad when Ron gets in his berrative ( is that a word) moods because calling you the things he does is so incredible out of line considering how intelligent you are. WE know level of intelligence has ZERO to do with mental illness, in fact the higher the smarts? Ron is sharp as hell but drinks himself out of it . You are smart as hell and channel your crazy for the good ! Thanks for sharing , i have a new therapist we clicked please send me good prayer energy i may not pray or have what you have but i truly believe you do have what you have and love it in you. Make sense? I hope you remember who i am? We exchanged emails then tragedy hit us again oooxxx i want to be " well" dont we all?

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