Tuesday, June 14, 2016


You probably have a good feel for my personal and political views by now. 

You can imagine what I thought of a day where I had to ride with a muslim cab driver "I am fasting!", forced to listen to left-wing "news" propaganda about the shooting, AND was forced (by nature of working in close proximity to 2 televisions set on news stations), to listen to the entire presidential speech. 

Now, the Bible says, don't even curse the ruler in your thoughts, and the New Testament says we are to treat them with respect.  I will say, as I endured, I thought of a long list of unpleasant things I would rather do than listen to the speech. 

I got up on time, took my shower, talked to Ron about Torbie, who was very droopy.  She did sleep with me last night in the bed, the purr-imeter seemed to work pretty well.  I rolled up a blanket as a barrier so I wouldn't squash her. 

She seemed very depressed.  I was worried about her, but Ron said she had eaten treats.  I also saw her drink water so I wasn't worried about that. 

Later on, I "caught" her using the litter box, the one they like with the unscented litter.  When I get manic (ah, the song of my life "When I get manic, I will....") I will dump out the old boxes with the scented litter and swap it out for unscented. 

So, Torbie was OK.  She was limping but not as bad as yesterday. 

Her foot looks like she had surgery but that's to be expected.  Nothing alarming.  Doc did give her a long acting antibiotic shot so I'm not worried.  She's not acting sick, either, after that "contact" with the sick kitten at the checkout desk so hopefully whatever the other cat had wasn't contagious. 

If it was, I'm hoping the antibiotic shot will eliminate any problem. 

Here's a good example of my life: Ron just told me he was cold and he wanted me to turn off his fan and the thermostat.  I told him I was busy.  He said "OK" in a manner that indicated he expected me to do it. 

I got up and did what he wanted, then I asked if there was anything else he wanted while I was up, because I was busy and did not want to be interrupted again.  He got all pissy with me, I'm not helping him, I'm a bad helper, he hopes I end up disabled with someone like me, etc. 

Next time I will just ignore him until he gets up and does it himself. 

Back to my day.  Ron has this obsession with Pepsi lately.  It is one of our worst-selling sodas, comparable to the orange soda we eliminated a few years ago.  Pepsi reformatted the packaging, making them too large to fit into a vending machine. 

But you can get the "old" size at Walmart.  Twice now, in a week, Ron has dragged us to Walmart to buy these stupid drinks. 

When I told him I needed Walmart tomorrow, after work, he got mad at me and said I had gone just today. 

"That was your trip"  I told him.  "That doesn't count".  What is the point of going to the store if I am limited to one small bag of merchandise during my visit?  I spent $20, and most of that was a box of energy bars. 

I did buy some 10 mg generic Claratin (Loratadine) and a pill cutter.  I can cut them in half and put them in my pill organizer.  I also got my prescriptions. 

Ron didn't offer to pay, and I didn't ask.  $70 for one month is pretty steep, though.  I need to get back to my 3 month refills.  One of his interns "helped" by "fixing" my prescription to 3, one month prescriptions.  It will remain that way until Doc edits the prescription and fixes it back to 3 month. 

A 3 month is about $140.  3, one months, are about $210.  That's a lot of money. 

We got picked up by a cab driver who took us to work.  I think he was Hindi.  He had a bottle of water in the console so he wasn't muslim.  They have to fast this month. 

I wonder how many people get really sick due to that stupid rule?

That's the great thing about being a born-again Christian.  We are to repent (turn from our sin) and "live lives worthy of repentance" - walk the walk.  We are to respect our spouse (!), respect our leaders, and help those we can. 

No fasting.
No ritual prayer (although I find my God Time very peaceful)
No forced charity
No ritual washing.
No special trips to the holy city
No special clothes
No hatred of other religions, just try to show them the good in ours, and pray for them regardless. 

I think I have it pretty easy, actually. 

 We got to work.  Snacks were pretty bad so I was busy fixing them up.  Then I worked on the coffee machine. 

For some, unfathomable, reason, the sandwich company sent us a whole load of sandwiches without the expiration date

Now, I write the expiration dates for the pastry, one month after the date of purchase or whatever date is on the box (the earlier date).  When I did the sandwiches, some of them, I gave them a one-month code. 

The customers know they are not good for a month.  No one touched them.  I had to throw them out because I would not have been able to get the labels off, and even if I had it would have been obvious I took off one sell by date and put on another. 

Faith is a fragile thing with the customers.  I would rather throw out $10 worth of product than lose their faith. 

That meant I had to get out the labels and label the remaining product to "expire" on Friday.  It took forever.  Then I had to stock them.  Hopefully people won't be afraid of them now. 

I did explain to someone, I was pretty medicated when I did those labels, I hope the customers understand, I threw them out in your dumpster, I hope that was OK.  It will get around. 

Then I had to service the coffee vending machine.  I emptied the yuck bucket and threw away the grounds.  I wiped it out and closed it up again. 

Ron needed help so I helped him with his stuff. 

I think that's the thing he doesn't understand, he thinks I'm supposed to be standing by waiting to help him at any moment of the day, even if it's something he can do himself (like adjust the thermostat).  That I have no personal desire to do anything but help him.  I only got up because Torbie was laying next to him. 

I did it for Torbie, not for him.  She is a lot perkier and more loving than she was this morning.  I'm glad to see it. 

We finally finished up.  We left, taking out plastic "will hold four 6-packs of Pepsi" case with us as we left.  Ron knocked it on the floor.  So much for my purse. 

When we got outside (at the last second, which is what Ron always does), we had a "import" looking driver.  I offered him some of my candy (Peanut butter M&M's) and he refused, telling me he was fasting.  I said Oh, OK. 

I sat there thinking about the shooting and wondering what he thought about it.  I wondered what he would say if he found out I do evangelism.  I wondered what he thought of my capri pants. 

I did chatter with him on the way home, though, so it was OK.  I try to assume everyone is "OK" unless they are clearly not. 

When we got in, I put the stuff away and took a nap.  I slept about an hour and a half, then got up. 

I need to clean out the fridge and take out the garbage, it's pretty full.  I also need to clean the litter box before I take out the trash.  I always strive for a fresh litter box. 

I also need to figure out dinner and do up my pills.  I need to make a vitamin order, too. 

Our driver is feeling better so we will see him tomorrow.  Good.  I hope it was just something simple like an ear infection. 

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Thinking about you guys hoping All is going well with "the patient? "

Love " purrometer" sooo cute!
We may need a photo?

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