Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Frito Pie

I didn't sleep well last night, Torbie made a lot of noise with her "cone".  She kept banging it and scratching at it.  I guess she is feeling well enough to use the foot now. 

I imagine it's a relief to get the tumor off, too. 

Sometime in the middle of the night, Ron and Torbie figured out a way for her to eat treats, and food, out of his hand.  She is very happy about this. 

I saw her drink water so I feel good about that.  I also saw her use the box. 

I slept late, got up and took my shower, did my God Time later.  Our driver is feeling better so he met us at Sam's Club.  They had water which necessitated a 30 case purchase for me (10 water, 20 other drinks).  I hardly got any snacks. 

I put the drinks in the cart, in the truck, on the cart, and into the facility.  I stocked what I could (it was slow, and I didn't have much inventory), while Ron did what he could (drinks were also pretty slow). 

We had enough time to get it all done, even the coffee vending machine. 

Then it was onto home.  I took a nap and had some odd dreams. 

I got up and dressed, did my God Time, and we went to Walmart. 

Ron (!) ate leftover breakfast from yesterday and got sick.  He was very unhappy.  I left him up front near the bathroom (later on, a woman scolded me for "abandoning" him).  They didn't have any kiddie carts available, I couldn't bring him with me.  I had to leave him. 

But tell that to people.  Everyone wants to tell me how to take care of Ron, but no one wants to do it themselves. 

I mainly needed housecleaning stuff, floor wipes, disinfecting wipes, detergent, etc.  I also got another pair of knit shorts and some underwear.  I verified I "can't" bleach my socks (who knew? but I only did it once), and got some zip ties to "tie off" my hose faucet out front. 

Years ago, the second little boy at #2 played with my hose one day while I was gone.  Water everywhere in my yard.  Not only that, one of the muslim drivers felt he could help himself to my hose to do his ceremonial, 5x a day, washings. 

I don't want people worshipping false gods right outside my kitchen window, AND wasting my water in the process.  He "got permission" by asking if he could "wash his hands before lunch".  I didn't have a problem with a one-time sanitary hand washing.  I had major issues with the mumbo jumbo, every day of the year.  I was furious.  So, I use the zip tie to keep that from happening again. 

I (or someone) can get it off pretty easily, but if a person comes up on it and wants to turn it, they can't.  It's a good compromise and invisible from the street. 

Unfortunately I have a very visible hose.  So, I got that, it's on again. 

Did I tell you about the vanishing puke?  When our driver got sick on Monday he vomited all over my driveway.  I tried to hose it off, but it wouldn't budge.  It looked like I would need to get a pressure washer and the guy wanted to charge $75. 

I can BUY a pressure washer at Sam's for $200. 

Ron even mentioned he was blind.  I hope the guy goes out of business, overcharging like that.  $75 to do a driveway?  No way. 

So, I went out to look last night and it was gone.  I have no idea what happened.  The driver mentioned maybe a dog got it.  I don't know. 

All I do know it is gone and I don't have to pay $75 for it to be fixed.  Nice. 

I had a good nap with Biscuit.  That was great.  He likes to lay on my legs and stretch out under the vent, which hits the foot of my bed. 

I didn't have Torbie in the bed last night or during my nap today. 

I got Ron some Fritos (but I didn't tell him) because he mentioned he wanted to have some Fritos and chili, a grand old Texas tradition.  They put Fritos in a bowl, put hot chili on top, top it with onions (sometimes) and grated cheese (always, but it is very messy for Ron so not for him).   I always ate mine with a spoon.  It's very good.  They call it "Frito Pie". 

When he feels better he will be very happy to find them in front of his microwave.  He swore he didn't drink today so I guess his stomach is just generally irritated.  You can't drink 80 proof liquor, straight, and have a happy stomach. 

Maybe that's what will get him to stop drinking, stomach trouble. 

We got home and I put everything away.  Since today was pretty rough (Ron was lashing out at me, at Walmart, when he was sick), I ate a pint of Blue Bell ice cream (cookies and cream, I love it and it doesn't give me headaches). 

I also ate some chips.  Between the heat and PMS, I have been craving a lot of salt lately. 

I have tomorrow off but I have to be in bed by 6 PM, because we have a soda delivery on Friday.  I hope Ron remembered to call it in. 


Sharita said...

It makes me sad what you sad about Muslims
The past few days. Your blog your right to say what you like
but wow calling another religions worship mumbo jumbo, not wanting to spare water to a faith other than your own to practice is one thing, but ridicule is another.
I thought you had gotten beyond this? Maybe not.

That hurt deeply

Heather Knits said...

Clearly I haven't been vocal enough.

1. My best friend in high school's father was muslim. He was an absolute tyrant. I have never met another muslim man who has convinced me he was the exception to that rule.

2. One muslim driver THREW Ron's wheelchair in the driveway when Ron objected to the man picking up my purse and moving me to another seat.

3. I already told you about the guy in my driveway. You would be OK with that, some strange man coming on your property, using up your water to do that, deceptively obtaining what he felt was "permission" to do this ad infinitum?

4. Let's talk about what they do to women over there.

5. Minorities have it just as bad as the women. Minority women, especially bad.

6. Do you know the only safe place to be gay, in the middle east, is Israel? All the other countries will kill them if they are "caught" in their "deviance".

7. Sharia law. If a woman is raped it's her fault and she will be whipped and thrown in prison. She also has to have four "reputable" men (practicing muslims)to testify to the attack. The Stanford swimmer only had 2 - so he would have gotten off (and the witnesses weren't muslim, so they wouldn't count anyway).

7. Christians are tortured and murdered on a regular basis over there. Please look at if you have questions about this. It is real. It is ongoing. It is being hidden because the media wants to make islam look like "a good guy".

So, no, I haven't drunk the Kool-Aid and I have no plans to do so in the future. Trying to shame me just pisses me off. I have enough problems in my life without trying to please everyone.

Sharita said...

I guess I need to step away from your blog, I had no idea you would lash at me for expressing my opinion. I can not imagine knowing so much about another religion that I could condemn it like you do . In no way was I trying to shame you. I was deeply hurt and still am by your opinion. Take good care Heather.

Heather Knits said...

I stated my opinion, which, had you expressed it "cleanly" is too offensive for you. Fine, it's a free country.

I hope you have fun finding another blog to follow. I get well over 2000 hits a month so I won't miss you.

I should hook you up with Ron. You would be the perfect storm.

I really pity people like you if sharia law ever does take over. "What?! That's directed at ME?!"

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