Monday, June 6, 2016

Cats are expensive

I'm shopping for flea drops.  It's an interesting way to end the day. 

I got up at 4 AM and went to work.  We stocked, I got sandwiches, and told the other vendor's guy the bad news I would not be getting next week's sandwich order due to Torbie's surgery. 

We left at 9:30 and went to the bank.  Ron was in a bad mood and was verbally abusive, probably thinking about how much of "the cash" would end up in the sales tax account (a large amount).  It took a while because I take $1 bills to the bank.  They have to be counted and then deposited.  In front of me, that's the policy and I wouldn't want it otherwise.  So, it's long and tedious. 

I could feel eyes burning holes in my back as the people behind me shuffled and glared, wishing I would hurry up.  A couple of people gaped at the stacks of $1 bills ($1, people, not $20) heaped up on the counter in front of me as the teller "ran" them through the machine. 

Ron was off brooding in a corner. 

We finally finished.  Now, we got to go.... to the warehouse.  This, unfortunately, was my bright idea. 

I had to battle my way through teeming hordes, screaming children, and wailing toddlers.  It was pretty overwhelming.  They lied.  They didn't have 20 ounce Ozarka, or they sold out.  I told Ron. 

He had a tantrum on the phone.  I nearly hung up on him.  I did, actually, I said "Send me a list of the other drinks you want, instead" and hung up. 

I sat down on the flatbed cart to wait.  One of the sample women had abandoned her post, gossiping, hadn't even set up, and got an attitude with me, ran me off.  I moved over by the bottled tea and waited for my text.  Ron sent it. 

I began selecting the merchandise.  I got all his stuff loaded (I never did find lipton in a can), and got some of mine.  I got basic stuff I knew I would use.  I knew we would have to go to the other Sam's tomorrow so I had an opportunity to get more stuff if I needed. 

I got in line and checked out.  It took a while but she didn't leave me with teetering stacks of merchandise about to "avalanche".  That's happened before, and "my" stuff is fragile. 

I got out to the loading area and a cart attendant helped me load the stuff.  We went to work.  I got my carts and unloaded everything onto them.  I was able to put the majority of the bottled drinks onto one cart, leaving the other one mostly available for tomorrow.  I just need to move a few things. 

I put the chips and snack material onto the folding handcart.  I got everything into the building and stocked, then loaded the stockroom and fridge.  By now, I was sweaty, frazzled, and exhausted. 

I wasn't too happy - more weary, actually, to find our ride home was nearly an hour late, pushing my at work time to over 10 hours. 

[pitifully] And I'm crippled.  :p 

We got home at 3:30.  I threw off all my clothes (once inside the house) and crawled into bed for a short nap.  When I woke up Ron was asleep. 

I did my  God Time (didn't get it earlier), and got on the computer.  I need to get some "Advantage" for the cats.  Doc complained it doesn't seem to be working very well on cats, not lasting the whole month. 

She stopped selling it, but suggested I continue to use it because it helps prevent heartworms, which are spread by mosquitoes, and my guys have outside access (and the skeeters seem to love Biscuit). 

So, where to buy?  I went to Amazon.  I got a couple of generic products, one claiming to have the exact same ingredients as the Advantage.  We'll see.  If I can save money I will. 

Cats are expensive, you know.  :) 


Anonymous said...

Do you ever go back to read your old posts? Just read some from 2007.

Heather Knits said...

Not unless I am linking it directly to what I'm writing.

For instance, a Frosty post (I hope you read a little about him, I love him so much) if I'm talking about Frosty for whatever reason. Bubba, too. Ron's infamous blackout in October, I think, 2007 where he beat me up. That was a hell of a thing. I needed to defend myself but I didn't want to hurt him. Stuff like that.

Generally, though, I'd have to say no. Too depressing.

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to adopting
This post was exhausting Heather you had a hell of a day!

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