Saturday, June 4, 2016


I am just horribly depressed today.  In addition to that, I woke up with a migraine.  I took my OTC headache pills and went back to sleep.   I couldn't sleep long, as the caffeine kicked in. 

I got up, fed Biscuit and Baby Girl (they like canned food, Torbie does not), took my shower, and did my God Time. 

Ron wasn't as gloomy as usual today.  I guess he slept well or didn't have any pain. 

I do worry about him mixing Tylenol with the alcohol but I can't stop him. 

He had made a trip to Walmart.  I was shocked.  He had just complained bitterly the other day, he didn't want to go to Walmart on our days off.  However, he did need some things so I guess that changes the equation. 

We got Ron some lidded pyrex bowls for the cats.  He wants each cat to have their own.  He got a power station for his cell phone, the charger died and he has been using another charger instead.  I got some tampons, etc.  Granola bars, chips, no "real" food because I had plenty at home.  I also got a dozen cans of the cats' favorite food. 

I notice, they are eating more of the wet food since Ron cut back on the treats.  Ron wants to be a good cat father, I believe, so he will do the right thing and (mostly) adhere to their diet. 

 We came home.  It seemed pretty quiet so I tried to take a nap after putting the stuff away and reading Ron the manual on his new power station. 

I did OK for a while, then #6 had yet another contractor (the green pickup, not the burgundy) with the compressor, the circular saw, and the hammering.  They have been "at it" for weeks.  I am sick of all this and very tempted to report them to the homeowner's association. 

They are not allowed to make improvements without submitting plans to the building committee, and I know he didn't.  I doubt he got a building permit either. 

However, something like that could blow back on us and it's never a good idea to use your last weapon.  God only knows who might move in if he left. 

I got up, cursing, and got on the computer for a while.  I had already done my God Time.  I did that for a while, watched a movie, and ate some leftover pizza.  I had it with some pink lemonade.  Not, apparently, a good idea.  I am not queasy but I am having some heartburn. 

Hopefully some decaf iced tea will fix me up. 

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Anonymous said...

wonderful that Ron is trying with the kitties diet I should start reading at the last post LOL ! I always start where I left off so if I comment before I get to the next one usually you have figured something out ! I love your posts!

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