Monday, June 27, 2016

A nap with Biscuit

I slept, without cats, and woke up exhausted.  I thanked God for caffeinated beverages as I drank a diet soda, wondering if, in fact, the caffeine is what's messing up my sleep. 

I don't know the answer to that. 

I was happy Ron had scheduled the refrigerator repair so I could get a nap.  He doesn't understand why I need one every day but I am exhausted on my medication. 

I worry an employer will read that one day. 

Anyway, I got up, took care of business, and went to work.  I took care of the coffee, snack, and food vending machines.  I got the sandwich delivery.  I, basically, did it all. 

Ron got angry because he called for me and I told him my hands were full, I couldn't help him (at that moment).  He expects me to be available, to drop everything, when I am at work even though that means leaving other things undone.  I have done my best to manage both but at times I have to tell him "NO", like when my hands are full, or I am working on the coffee machine. 

I'm not going to say I'm sorry for that.  I can either fill the machine, or help him.  I try to do both but sometimes I can't. 

He didn't call me names but he got pretty ugly.  In front of a very bored audience.  I just wish, once, someone would tell him to treat me with respect.  When I do it, he doesn't. 

We came home.  We had to ride the freeway near a guy who had an overloaded rental truck, with a bunch of folding mental handcarts strapped on the back with yellow tie-downs.  He (?) was driving in a very reckless manner, it made me very uncomfortable. 

I thanked the driver for staying back.  Normally, in Houston, tailgating is an Olympic-level sporting event.  I have ridden in cars that were literally up the bumper of the car in front of them.  Had the car in front of us stopped, we would have rear ended them. 

But today's driver stayed back at a cautious distance.  Good.  I could just see that tie-down snapping and metal hand carts flying everywhere. 

Once, I actually saw a BBQ grill (not tied down), fly out of the back of a pickup in an ashy cloud and collapse all over the freeway.  It almost caused a wreck.  The driver seemed pretty oblivious, or maybe he was just trying to escape the scene of the crime. 

We got home.  I set my alarm and took a nap.  I was pretty cold during my nap but Biscuit joined me.  I always enjoy sleeping with a cat. 

I got up, ate some pizza, did my God Time, and politely refused a potential fridge repairman.  Ron had cancelled with him. 

I got dressed (I was wearing my bathrobe) and told Ron I should put up the cats, but he said they would call first.  They didn't, but he was very nice about waiting while I rounded everyone up and locked them in the bedroom.  The repair guy, no matter who he is, always needs to get something out of the truck.  Always. 

He came in and had a look at it.  The water line had come out of the back of the freezer (we have an icemaker).  He did some research to see if he had the part, but they don't make it anymore.  It is an older unit (at least 12 years old).  He screwed it back in.  Something else started to misbehave but he got that going, too. 

So far, so good.  I keep expecting to hear a loud POP and water everywhere, but so far nothing out of the ordinary. 

It is amazing when I think about how many things could/can/do go wrong in my life. So many pieces, assuming they will all work, until they don't.  I could have a good anxiety over that if I let myself. 

So, that's done, and he didn't hose us on the repair.  If something else goes wrong (and it's not cold anymore) I think we will just buy a new fridge, because they don't make the parts anymore and the repair could get prohibitive. 

For now, it's cold.  Even if the icemaker stops working we can just turn off the water at the wall outlet and use ice trays.  We don't use that much ice, anyway.  

We have tomorrow off, it's supposed to rain pretty hard.  We'll see if the weather guys got it right. 

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Anonymous said...

We had a similar problem with a fridge husband fussed with it it would be fine...then water came out again..and what we found was there is a tiny valve inside that had a tiny dustball on it .i will ask where and what it was and get back to you, so you have something to check if it happens again?vwe have not had a drop of water since he found the dustball... sorry Ron isnt being nice much of life wasted with anger..but the kitties make things better, you and Biscuit are such buddies now, i love hearing about them ...Torbys foot all healEd?

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