Friday, June 3, 2016

Dr Pepper day

I went to bed about 6 PM.  I had some troubles with my bladder, it kept burning. 

I had drunk 2 quarts of pink lemonade not long ago, and apparently the citric acid in the drink mix was irritating.  It took me about an hour to get that flushed out. 

I fell asleep OK but I didn't really "sleep hard".  I never do when I have an early, early, wakeup. 

I got up at 2.  Ron was already awake.  We talked for a while.  He is trying to figure out a way to feel like a good guy and put the cats on a diet, at the same time.  I took a shower.  I didn't have time to do my God Time afterward so I did it later (before I turned on the computer). 

Our ride was early and banged on our door.  We were dispatched to another pickup a ways from home.  The client didn't even want to ride, which means he will get a "bad point" on his record.  5 points a month and you get a warning.  5 more in another month, that same calendar year, you start losing service. 

I always get annoyed when we do a pickup at a house that has 3 cars out front.  Someone can give you a ride.  No one cares enough to give you a ride, and they're living in your home? 

If someone lived with me, and could drive, they would have to keep up their insurance and drive us around.  It would be part of the rent. 

But that's me. 

We went off to Acres Homes, a notorious ghetto.  I have done many Bible handouts there.  We picked up a nice guy and then we went to work. 

We got to work and I unloaded the stockroom.  Snacks were pretty empty.  The waste bucket on the coffee machine was full.  I emptied it and shut the machine. 

Later on, someone told me it wasn't working.  I had to call a repairman who worked on a couple of issues, with the machine.  I am pretty sick of coffee vending machines. 

In the meantime, I stocked snacks and helped Ron with sodas.  Ron was very moody and irritable.  He dropped a can of soda on the floor and it exploded, spraying orange soda everywhere. 

I ran for the custodial closet, only to find it locked.  Later on I talked to the supervisor and he said supplies are "walking off" so they had to put it on lockdown. 

That left me mopping the floor with paper towels.  Frustrating, hard, and not very effective. 

Later on, "our" custodian got to it, after we left. 

I helped Ron with the bottled vendor and took the bad sandwiches out of the food machines.  We had a lot. 

Somewhere in there, Dr Pepper arrived.  Ron called it in a few days ago.  Our account rep was on vacation and he talked to a very confused-sounding woman who couldn't seem to understand what he wanted.  As a result, she shipped 60 twelve-packs instead of 30 cases.  Agh.  At least we got our order. 

I had a fun time putting it all away.  At least we didn't have any broken cases, mangled cans, or "leakers". 

Primary objective accomplished, Ron called the repairman about the coffee vending machine.  Imagine my shock when he came! 

That is really good service.  I told him "You treat us better than we deserve" when I went out to get him. 

We also called Dr Pepper and asked them to send the tech to clean our condenser coils.  Dr Pepper loans us 3 can vending machines in exchange for a few considerations:
1.  We buy 30 cases a month (we did that just today).
2.  We fill it with 75% Dr Pepper products (easy)
3.  We pay a set price per the contract (cheaper than you pay retail). 

Pretty reasonable, considering.  In exchange for that, we have 3 "free" vending machines, delivery, and free repairs on the machines.  And they come out fast! 

The tech came out really fast (both repair guys, as it turns out, had appointments with the other vendor).  Dr Pepper, as it turns out, is very happy to do preventive maintenance on their machines.  A new compressor can cost at least a thousand dollars, it's a lot easier to scrub it out every now and then. 

The tech was pleased to see my scrub brush sitting in the machine, it was apparent I had done what I could to clean the condensers.  I try to take care of my equipment. 

We finally left to encounter a pouring rain.  Great. 

I have not had any issues with the latest round.  I did have issues when my area of NW Houston got about 15 inches on tax day, so anything short of that I'll be fine. 

Ron was Not Happy.  He cursed a lot and told God "You could help".  Shortly afterward, someone, one of the repair guys, brought us an umbrella to use.  God could help, and did. 

Our ride came, I returned the umbrella, and we went home. 

I ate some yogurt and took a nap.  Praise God, I got a good one. 

I had some odd dreams, and at one point Biscuit and Torbie were sleeping on either side of me.  It made it a little difficult to roll over. 

When I got up, I did my God Time, and then I got online. 

Ron slept through the deadline to make trips for tomorrow so I assume we are staying home.  He'll like that, he was complaining the other day that he feels "all" he does is run errands with me (one, on one day) on our days off. 

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