Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Compatibility View

A rather high-stakes drama today. 

It was technically a day off, but I did a lot of work.  After I got up, shower, God Time, I called in our "pickup" order at the vending supply wholesale guys.  These guys are the Walmart of vending.  You need it, they have it.  They have a lot of supplies for everything from frozen cooked sandwiches to sno-cone syrup. 

I called in some coffee machine vending powders, and cups.  I need both, particularly hot chocolate. 

I did that.  The first time someone hung up on me.  But I (hopefully) got the order in. 

I took a nap, then Ron and I started work on the monthly report.  If you know accounting, it is a profit and loss statement.  Not really a loss statement these days, thank God. 

We did that and Ron ran the final numbers, then we went out to dinner.  We got value meals, they were pretty good.  I thought they gave us 4 hamburgers but it turns out 2 of them were funnel cakes.  Pretty good, too, but greasy.  Needless so say I didn't have trouble taking my pills. 

Now, I have a very old laptop and a more modern desktop.  The database is very old and not compatible with newer systems.  Frustrating. 

I fired up the old thing, as it backfired and rattled it's way to life.  It crashed halfway through the boot process, then Google told me it didn't support the OS anymore for the Chrome browser.  About the only thing I can do online is file the report. 

However, I had a problem.  The page wasn't loading.  I entered the address into my computer and it didn't load either.  I was pretty upset.  The deadline is tomorrow. 

Then I remembered an old email the boss had sent about database issues.  I fired that up.  I clicked on the link and it worked (new computer) but it wouldn't let me input my data.  That, I remembered being the primary problem before.  I looked some more.  It was, to me, complete gibberish.  A bunch of stuff about Java and all.  I did figure out I had to put the website into "compatibility view" so I did that.  I tried it again.  It worked. 

Thank God!  I told Ron I had made the website my bitch, finally, but in truth God did it.  Anyway, I needed the numbers. 

Ron was drinking by this point but still coherent enough to give me the numbers.  It accepted and saved the data.  Yay.  I got that finished and then remembered to bookmark the "good" link, now that I can do the report on my "good" computer.  I am not sure what we will do with the old laptop.  It is vintage 2009.  I mean, solitare crashed tonight. 

Now I have to go medicate my cats.  Their medicine came today.  I am trying a generic version of Advantage because I have been getting some bad reviews, and my vet said the cats had fleas on them even after their treatment. 

Torbie will hate me for a while, but she'll forgive me. 

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