Sunday, June 12, 2016

A little less tired

I heard about the nightclub shooting when I got online. 

My response: write a expository about how islam hates gay people, and killing them is mandated in their holy book.  This is not surprising, really. 

I got some vehement responses to that.  Why would someone defend a "religion" that is killing your friends?  People's children? 

Now, my religion condemns all sexual immorality, but it also tells me my job is to love them, to confront their sin, to witness to them, plead with them to repent, and then to pray for them.  If a believer refuses to repent of sexual immorality they are to be thrown out of church.  I bet you didn't know that one. 

Anyway, nowhere in the above paragraph will you read the word "kill".  It's not our job to do that.  We are not to enforce judgement, just to warn of wrath if someone does not repent. 

I pity those trapped in sin.  God knows I sure sin and I spend a lot of time telling God just how sorry I am that I failed Him, again.  But I battle.  I strive to live a holy life. 

Anyway, the post ended with some people agreeing with me (if you are a follower you saw this) and some cursing both me and my God out. 

What a way to start the day.  I had already done my God Time and taken my shower.  I enjoy reading the Old Testament history books.  I was reading about Elijah and the prophets of baal today.  It's a bloody story but one that ends well for God. 

I ate, took my pills, and very tentatively took one of the 5 mg Claratins I bought.  I haven't been manic today, just a little less tired, I'd say. 

Reviewing facebook again, I see a lot of posts along the lines of "It doesn't matter if he was muslim, we just have to hold hands and sing and everything will be alright". 

It matters a whole lot.  If a people group is out to exterminate you, you need to recognize that and defend yourself.  That's just common sense, but I'm not going to argue with them. 

I am sick of seeing all the rainbows on my wall.  The rainbow was a sign between God and humanity that he wouldn't destroy us by flood, not a sign from God that homosexuality was OK. 

I don't hate anyone, just don't bleed on me.  That brings up another thought: those exposed to the blood at the shooting are going to be at increased risk for HIV and Hepatitis C, illnesses associated with the gay lifestyle.  Everyone from victims, bystanders, first responders, and those tasked with cleaning the mess are now at an increased risk.  I know they have drugs for HIV prevention after exposure, but I don't think they have any drugs to prevent catching Hepatitis C.  They do have drugs to cure it, though. 

There's a guy at work who is always telling me how he had Hepatitis C.  Like, every time he talks to me.  I don't know why he would want to share that.  It's an awful disease and pretty contagious.  He did share he was "cured" with a new drug but I am still a little creeped out.  He also told me his wife was an alcoholic. 

Do I really have one of those faces?  Tell me your secrets?  I don't know. 

I tried to take a nap but I was pretty wound up, then we went out for lunch.  Ron was rude and verbally abusive, calling me everything from "limited" to "a child" because I dared offer my opinion on how we should do some things.  It was unpleasant. 

When we got home again, I did take a nap with Biscuit, who was very loving and attentive.  He likes to sleep in bed with me.  He even got in my lap today for a while.  He's really maturing into an awesome cat. 

We got up at 5:30, fed the cats, and took the food away at 6.  No more nums until after Torbie's in her box tomorrow.  They haven't figured it out yet. 

I take away the water after 10. 

Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day.  If you are inclined, please pray for Torbie to have a smooth tumor removal and "good" results from pathology. 

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