Monday, June 13, 2016

I wonder what the neighbors will think

Our driver came at 3:10.  I left with Ron and we got in the truck. 

We stopped at the vet's office and I ran over to the gas station next door, to get a snack.  Then I went in the office. 

It was pretty chaotic.  They put me in the "large dog exam room" and I couldn't help but wonder what the cats would think when they got a whiff of me tonight. 

I was informed Torbie was refusing to go in her carrier.  I demonstrated my technique, put the carrier on end, drop the cat, but they didn't want to do that.  They told me she would be fine once they brought her to me. 

Sure enough, poor, bug-eyed, Torbie took one look at me, realized we were going home, and fled into her carrier.  I had a little bit of a wait with Torbie and then the vet came in. 

We discussed the surgery, 3 stitches.  She said the pain medicine was only available in a tablet.  That's unfortunate.  She got me some cheese spread to use as adhesive when I pill her, I can use the cheese goop to stick the pill to my finger, before I shove it down her throat. 

I asked about the blood test results, was she OK?  The vet went over each result with me and basically told me Torbie is fine, but her blood sugar may be high-normal.  She strongly suggested feeding wet food only. 

I don't think that will go over very well with Ron, aka "Treat man".  I didn't say that, though. 

Doc said she had taken a look at the tumor under the microscope, but it was inconclusive, she was going to wait for the [proper] pathology report.  I have thought about it, and even if it is cancer I won't change anything. 

I'm not going to put Torbie through chemotherapy or more surgery, I would just give her a really awesome life until it wasn't awesome anymore, then make the loving choice. 

If it isn't cancer, then nothing to worry about. 

I didn't tell Doc any of this. 

I asked about litter.  Doc said regular litter should be fine and I can clean it with a baby wipe if it gets crusty.  She loved the idea of me using a baby wipe, actually. 

All done with Doc, time to wait to pay.  Someone had brought in a sick kitten and they were worried it was contagious.  I am, of course, totally freaked out about Torbie, but I did say "Get well soon" when they walked the kitty past us to an exam room. 

When I got to the checkout there was some delay, as the office manager was managing calls and also trying to wrangle this sick-drop-in cat.  I really hope it just had a bladder infection or something. 

The office cat was visiting with Torbie, putting her paws up on the seat and looking into her carrier.  Torbie cringed. 

Finally time to pay.  Ron was having conniptions on the phone about the wait. 

However, when I got there it was $200 less than the estimate I had been given.  That's worth a wait!  Ron called me while I was leaving and I had to put Torbie on the floor and answer it. 

I put Torbie with Ron in the back and we drove home.  Torbie didn't meow much. 

We came in and got settled.  I let Torbie out, and she's hanging out in my bedroom.  I put some food on a plate, and a bowl, to make it easy for her to get something to eat. 

I need to give her the pain pill pretty soon.  I am hoping she will overtly eat in front of us because it can be a little rough on the tummy. 

However, when I had that other cat's feet done (scroll down to read about it), they didn't give me any pain meds and she was fine.  Torbie is, however, limping. 

Doc had to use the scalpel because the tumor was very close to the extensor (goes out) tendon.  Even shaved and scabbed up, her foot looks so good!  I love seeing her with a nice clean foot, no tumor. 

To me, it's worth some aggravation.  Our driver likes cats so he didn't mind waiting.  He really likes Torbie. 

Speaking of, he called me.  His voice sounded very strained so I ran outside.  He was sick, suffering from extreme vertigo, and wanted to call 911.  I did that and gave him the phone to describe his symptoms. 

They must not have put it out as a high priority.  The paramedics took forever to show up.  He could have died! 

They sent "the black ambulance" which I always find creepy.  It looks like something a demon would drive so he could harvest the souls of the damned.  The entire "rig" is black but for the lettering. 

They took him away.  He left his truck in my driveway. 

I wonder what the neighbors will think of that. 

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