Sunday, June 26, 2016

A trip to the mall

Ron was pretty unrepentant when he woke up.  Said he knew he had had a blackout and didn't seem to care. 

He did, however, say he really wanted to go to the mall "Or we would go some other time this week".  I said no, we could go to the mall today.  He had already cancelled the trip - well, don't wake me up at 5 AM and ask me if I want to go somewhere. 

Anyway, we took a cab there and tried the chicken at the Japanese place.  He has been very disappointed in the sauce of late and felt it ruined the whole meal.  He had been addicted to the teriyaki, buying a couple meals at a time and then freezing them, paying someone to take him to do this, which I felt was wasteful. 

I didn't say anything, though.  He accuses me of being "controlling" and trying to dominate him, ironic because he does just that to me. 

Anyway, it was still "terrible".  He wanted to talk to the manager, but the manager does not speak English and they had nearly 20 people lined up.  I told him it was a bad time, if he wanted to talk to the manager we should go on a weekday afternoon.  I also mentioned my certainty the manager would not be changing anything based on the conversation, and probably wouldn't admit they changed the sauce at all. 

Then he wanted burritos at Taco Bell, so we went there.  I got a slice of pizza and ate that, then took my medication.  Good, that's done. 

Ron wanted to go to Sears and look at the refrigerators.  I decided I liked the black ones better.  I don't like stainless steel and our white one has gotten pretty dirty. 

If we get one with an icemaker, it runs about $500-$600.  We have a pretty narrow space so that eliminated the high-end ones, assuming I wanted one to begin with.  I just want something to keep my food cold and make some ice now and then. 

However, the one we have is working pretty well, and, safe to say, any repair is going to cost us well below $500-$600.  I would just fix the old one before I bought a new one. 

Some people don't.  That's their choice, but overall we have never had any serious problems with the fridge so I'm happy to keep it. 

We finished up and went back.  The mall was chaos and very, very, loud.  My hands were cramping from pushing him as he sat on the walker and no one got out of the way.  They expected us to go around them.  Ron's walker has lousy steering.  I bumped into a couple people as a result. 

It mainly seemed to be affluent latinos, blacks, and some middle-easterners, with the odd Asian thrown in.  I didn't see a lot of white people, not that I cared. 

We have a pretty good case of white flight in our area, they all go out past 1960 as far as they can, to get away from the "bad influences".  Some neighborhoods, like Garden Oaks, closer to town, remain white enclaves but have $300K price tags.  Midrange neighborhoods, like my own, are pretty evenly split between black and latino.  

Well, the fridge is leaking again so I found a repair company for Ron to call.  Let's hope we can get a quick, cheap, and lasting fix on it, whatever it is. 

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Anonymous said...

My husband has been a complete jackass, so i can just say " Heather you are NOT alone!"
I wonder sometimes why i keep setting myself up thinking he has " changed" instead of acceptance of " this is it make your blinders stronge find what makes us happy and keep moving forward.

marriage is hard, harder i think when you both have illnesses. I empathise greatly.

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