Saturday, June 11, 2016

Daddy's drunk

Something odd happened.  Apparently, someone got ahold of our electric bill, went to the payment center, and paid about 4-5 months of service for us, in cash. 




I will just take that as a blessing.  I always try to thank God for the good things. 

I overslept today.  We went to Walmart and bought some Pepsi for Ron.  He has been wanting to carry it, but we can only get the 16.9 ounce bottle from Walmart. 

Why go to all this trouble?  I couldn't tell you.  We don't do this for any other drinks, and we get "specialty" requests on occasion. 

We bought the soda and a large box.  We put the soda in the box.  I bought some drink mix and allergy medicine. 

I have been going 'round about the allergy medicine for a while.  If I take the 10 mg dose, I get manic and I don't sleep. 

Doc (my primary, not the "crazy" one) suggested I try a children's dose.  I have been debating doing that because my allergies are pretty bad.  Torbie sleeps in my bed, for instance, and I am allergic to cats.  I am also allergic to grass and mold, and both are everywhere after all the rain we've had. 

Yesterday I had considered getting some, but worried I might be getting it "just" to get manic, which is anathema to me.  I don't want to take "uppers". 

I asked Ron once, since he had known people into drugs, if I got addicted to any drug what did he think I would use?  He said stimulants. 

[sigh]  Today I decided to get some of the children's, a small package, and see how that went.  I will take it in the morning and see how it works for me. 

Maybe a 5 mg dose, instead of the 10 mg "adult" dose, is just what I need.  If it works I can just buy the adult dose and cut it in half. 

I used to do that with my antipsychotic, back when it cost $240 a month.  I would cut it in half and take a half a day. 

Needless to say, I didn't have good symptom control.  Now I realize I could have just told Doc "I can't afford this stuff, please get me a generic" and he would have done so. 

We had a lot of "import" drivers, African men who were very nice.  They all had beautiful accents.  One mentioned his degree, yesterday.  All of them are multilingual. 

I would rather have an African driver than a middle eastern one.  The middle easterners tend to be bossier, dictatorial, and not as skilled at driving.  I was actually in a wreck, a few years ago, with a driver from Iran. 

We got to work and I stocked.  Ron worked on the bottled vendor first, stocking most of the bottled water and putting his Pepsi in the fridge.  We didn't have any more tea but still had plenty in the machine.  I used up a couple of cases of snacks filling the snack machines.  I just realized I forgot to check Snickers. 

Anyway, we stocked.  I finished up a little early and helped Ron with sodas.  He was in a pissy mood. 

It began pouring right about the time I would have normally nagged Ron to go outside.  We waited until the rain had abated somewhat, because they told use our ride home was late.  He wasn't.

He was very nice about it, though. 

I took a nap when we got home, even though it was "later".  I was able to get a pretty good nap and woke up with Torbie.  I even had a dream about her. 

I got up and Ron was still in a bad mood.  He offered to call me a cab so we could go out, but I didn't feel like it.  I just ate some cereal and took my pills.  All the restaurants are really busy on the weekend, anyway. 

Ron's out on the catio with the cats.  He has been pretty good about their "diet".  He feeds them the same way he used to, with the food.  That is a problem, by the way.  He is pretty good about not treating them, until he starts drinking every night. 

I can practically hear the cats singing "Daddy's drunk!" as he breaks out the treat containers and treats them lavishly.  It's only one hour a day but enough to wreck the whole day's work.  It is impossible to reason with him. 

He says it is better to have a short "happy" life, than a long "miserable" one, and they will be happier dead anyway.  To that, I replied "Why don't you just put them all down?" 

He had no answer for that. 

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