Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I took a nap after I took my pills today.  The lithium can really wipe me out. 

I slept OK for a while but then I had a nightmare about Gravy getting run over (most likely scenario), and got up, depressed, sad, and exhausted. 

I did my God Time, I didn't do it this morning due to the headache. 

I cleaned up a little, and, when it cools down, will finish the laundry. 

Oh, I still feel terrible about Gravy.  I'm having a hard time with his death because I feel I should have prevented it somehow. 


Anonymous said...

Hope you get a really good " quality" sleep. You deserve it, allergies are bad now for sure, inside and outside.

Hugs to you Heather , feel better soon

Anonymous said...

There was nothing you could have done about Gravy. You loved him and gave him a wonderful life - much better than he would have had if you had not adopted him. He knew nothing but love with you and Ron. And I fully believe that you will see him again in heaven someday. And then he can be with you forever.

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