Thursday, June 23, 2016

Biscuit in my lap

I had trouble falling asleep last night, so I dragged Torbie to bed with me. She occupied the center of the bed and put me out pretty quick.  I kept hearing Doc in my head telling me I needed to get enough sleep. 

I slept pretty fitfully and woke up a little late.  Biscuit jumped into bed and laid in my lap until I got up, which needless to say was a while later!  He was so sweet laying on my lap as I laid on my back in bed. 

He will never, EVER, get in my lap when I'm upright, but he likes to get in my lap in the morning, sometimes.  It's a nice way to start the day. 

He is such a sweet cat.  Someone clearly loved him before he was dumped with Gravy in the woods. 

I gave him his num-num (Friskies Cat Concoctions Salmon and Chicken Liver, if you're interested, it comes in a purple can), and took my shower, shaved my legs and all that. 

I'm still having my period but not as heavy.  Things seem to be changing up a bit, a couple days of spotting now and then an average flow for a few days, not the old hemorrhage days of my earlier years. 

I remember one day it came early at school, when I was in high school.  I looked as if I'd been murdered, blood all over my sweatpants.  They sent me home. 

Anyway, more standard these days, which is fine.  I do wonder just how long my ovaries will keep functioning. 

We went to work.  Things were pretty depleted and I used up most of my inventory stocking.  I had to help Ron, too.  Ron did return the favor by stocking some pastry.  Pastry goes on the bottom shelf so I have to bend over to do it, but Ron, sitting in his wheelchair, does not. 

Our repairman came and put new valves in the coffee machine.  They were under warranty. 

The visit was free, too.  Awesome.  We offered to pay him but he said no.  OK, we accept. 

Pretty soon it was time to leave.  We had two new drivers today who were pretty stiff, but OK driving at least.  We had straight trips, too. 

I was exhausted and took a nap.  I slept pretty badly because Ron got a phone call and made another one.  I shut his door but it still woke me up. 

No cat, either. 

Torbie is eating the canned food more often now, which I find cute. 

I got emails from two companies: I made orders for stuff online.  The first order was vitamins, stuff that can travel in 100 degree weather.  I also got some nice soap for myself.  Usually, I hate taking my shower, but it's nice to have a lovely bar of soap.  They are very affordable, too, at Swanson Vitamins, nice bars of soap for $2-4 each.  I got three bars, different kinds. 

The second order was more "work" related, evangelism materials: a box of Bible Promise books.  I can hand them out to the drivers.  People like them a lot, they are "easier" than a Bible and mine sure helped when Gravy died. 

We went out to dinner, we have a Checkers near our house.  They have a $4 meal combo that is very good.  We wanted to get a couple and have a cheap meal out. 

We had the same driver we had last week, the one who "stole" the big BBQ dinner plate when we had only offered to buy her a sandwich.  She tried to tell me how good it was and I just changed the subject. 

When we got there, she got out and stood around in the lobby (I had to sit Ron down, his feet hurt a lot if he stands very long), so I just sat at the table until she gave up on us buying something (she was pretty obvious about it) and bought herself something, instead. 

I only told Ron who she was, after she left.  He was furious.  We both remarked on the fact that we could have bought the $4 dinner, for four people, with what we got stuck paying on her dinner. 

Ron then called the head of the program, explained what had happened, and asked to never get her again.  I am sure they will honor the request. 

I thought that was kind of awful to have her ruin our dinner, but we tried to have a good time anyway. 

Our other ride came early but we were ready, so we came home.  I caught Ron examining the tie on Torbie's collar and had to remind him she doesn't get unleashed until tomorrow.  We don't need her chewing her incision.. 

She will be VERY happy, though, to groom herself.  I'm sure she feels filthy. 

I can't imagine how I would feel if I couldn't take a shower for two weeks!  I have been washing her with a wet, warm, washcloth but I'm sure it's not doing the job in her eyes. 

I will be giving her some Laxatone (hairball remedy) before we take off the cone, so she doesn't get a hairball. 

The last thing we need is her back at the vet's office. 

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