Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Help getting to bed"

Occasionally the paratransit company will "send" a ride to the cab company.  An independent driver "takes" it, shows up, takes us to our destination, and fills out a little paperwork.  They get paid. 

However, a lot of the drivers who take these trips play games.  More than once, we have gotten a phone call from the driver "I'm far away, is that OK?"  No, it's not OK.  Not only do we have an appointment to get to our destination, which you agreed to when you clicked "accept", we have an appointment to be picked up again and taken somewhere else, later.  If you get us there late we don't have enough time to conduct our business and everything goes to hell. 

We found just this scenario this morning, except the guy said he was downtown, a good 45 minutes away.  Then he "performed" the trip and printed up the receipt so he'd get paid.  The problem: he hadn't even picked us up yet. 

"What, you called them?" he exclaimed when he found out we had done just that.  Well, yes, we have to get to our destination at a certain time so we can be ready for our next trip.  The he had the audacity to say "I'm going to tell them I already dropped you off, OK?  Just tell them I already dropped you off if they call." 

"We're not going to do that" I replied "Because you haven't dropped us off."  After a phone call to dispatch, where he lied and said he had dropped us off (stupid because the cabs have GPS "tattlers").  I was just so, completely, disgusted. 

I didn't even care when they told him (apparently) he wouldn't get paid.  I assume he was telling the truth, and hoping we would pay him instead.  No, you lie, you defraud the program, you treat the client like crap, and then you want to get paid? 

"He looked" our (other) driver said "as though he were angling for a tip, but you did everything with the walker yourself". Damn straight I did. 

We are not required to tip the contracted cab driver, although we usually do if they are professional.  Not today! 

I put Ron in the vehicle with "our" driver, who, not surprisingly, was already there.  I went in and got Ron's drinks.  He was very angry I "had" to get coffee and told me to get 10 bags, which I did.  I now have 25 pounds of gourmet ground coffee, in my stockroom.  I had a hell of a time placing it, too. 

I didn't get snacks because Ron was impatient and wanted to go to the other store, as the first one didn't have water.  We looked, it didn't either, but I did get my snacks there. 

We went to work, I unloaded and stocked.  Two "suits" were telling a custodian how to do her job and she wasn't taking it very well.  They now have a "new" policy where certain things must be done in certain time frames.  If they are not done in the time frame, they get in trouble, but I don't think they are giving them enough time.  We'll see.  It was, supposedly, supposed to "improve" service, but maybe just to crack down on the "slackers".  I don't know.

I do know it never fails.  I work all day with no break.  I sit down and Ron is working.  Someone comes along and makes a comment.

We came home, I took a nap.  When I got up I did my God Time (not sleeping well at nights). 

Ron is very drunk, lying on the kitchen floor, very confused.  He thinks he is in his bed and looking for his pillow.  He is screaming at God and cursing him. 

It doesn't look good for a quiet night of sleep for me, tonight.  He keeps bellowing about his pillow and falling on the floor. 

I don't usually help him because he can get combative, however, I was moved to at least ask if he wanted "help getting to bed".  He said no and is sitting on the floor by the laundry room, now. 

What a day. 

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