Tuesday, June 28, 2016

30 inch

Torbie is virtually completely healed up.  She has a small scar on top of her foot, lost a little "mass" over one claw - actually lost a large, ugly, mass that was a benign something-blastoma.  She is walking fine, and has a small pink scar with a tiny scab. 

She has been hanging out a lot with Ron.  He spends most of his time in bed, so she lays down next to him. 

Biscuit sleeps with me sometimes, generally when I'm taking a nap or something.  He likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed, to my left.  That's generally a pretty safe zone for cats.  Torbie hasn't been sleeping with me, she's been more into Daddy lately. 

Baby Girl is her own cat, but is currently in my TV chair - she also likes to sit on Ron's walker.  She only ever slept with me once, the night Bubba died. 

The fridge.  Is giving me spasms.  I forget if I wrote what happened yesterday.   The guy came out and said the icemaker line had come out of the back of the fridge, he could look for a kit or attempt a repair with a couple of screws.  They don't make the kit and he swore that the screws would work. 

They worked for about an hour, before I heard a loud pop and water again.  It's clearly the ice maker line.  I just don't know if it's repairable. 

Oh, and Ron can't cut off the water valve to the icemaker either.  He was pretty clear on that.  I couldn't get my hand in there and I am not known for strong hands these days.  My hands have been shaking all day, for instance. 

I slept very badly last night, as a result.  I even had a triumphant dream in which we turned off the valve, only to awake to the reality we can't. 

What does that mean if we have to buy a new stove?  I mean fridge?  I don't know.  I could worry a lot about that, too. 

Now I'm also worried about my washer hoses.  I would hate for one of them to burst.  I don't know if the cutoffs work either.  I'm scared to try. 

I just want a home without things leaking on the floor.  I'm not feeling like I have that, right now. 

I am being super strict with my caffeine because that will just make it worse. 

So, we had today off.  I slept in until about 8 and got up.  I took a shower and did my God Time, and watched some Supernatural - the "Dean-mon" episodes. 

Remember the whole litter box drama?  Baby Girl was pooping out of the box, so I got unscented litter, 2 inches deep, and everyone is crazy for it?  Well, that box was pretty pissy smelling even with me scooping it every day.  I dumped it out and washed it.  Ron had a lot to say about the smell of the disinfectant.  I let it soak a while and rinsed it well, letting it air dry. 

I made sure not to use the piney disinfectant, as that can be bad for cats, I read.  This was Lysol lemon. 

When I finish the blog, I will see if it's dry and fill it up again.  They really seem to like it a lot and use it as their primary box. 

"Someone" - don't know who, had the runs in the other box but I got that cleaned up too.  And I gave them all their Advantage.  It's a little early (a few days) but they are very itchy.  I have seen a few fleas in the computer room, too. 

Ron called GE appliance and they do repairs, so he is having their guy come out tomorrow.  He wanted to go to Sears and look at their fridges.

As it turns out, we only have a 30 inch space, which really limits our selection.  I found one that looked "fine" even though it doesn't have the little cheese drawer I'm accustomed to.  It is more spacious and would be a fine fridge, I'm sure. 

I hold out hope we can "turn off" the water line to the icemaker, and just run the current fridge without the icemaker.  We can always use ice trays.

Ron is also making noises about keeping it and putting it in the garage.  That would be a lot of cleaning for me if he did that. 

None of this, of course, is helping my depression, but that's not "their" job - to make me less depressed.  My job is just to juggle everything as best I can. 

Tomorrow we go back to work and do that, but it's been pretty quiet.  I will do what I can and help Ron as best I can. 

I just want to get all these issues settled so I can relax! 

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Anonymous said...

Yay Torby! She had a barnacle removed off her feline ship! Lol! Kidding...Great job Heather! ...your unconditional love and constant care made for a speedy recovery !

Sending you some extra unconditional love as well for being such a great example for feline rescue ! You and Ron are both " doers" walking the talk for kitties!

(As well as is batshit crazies oooxxx)

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