Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Don't sell" water

I probably won't write a lot tonight, my hand is very sore. 

I was standing next to the truck holding some candy.  The driver opened the door, onto my hand.  He was very sorry but the bruising and pain remain.  I forgive him, of course, but my hand hurts. 

So, we got up early.  I did my shower and most of my God Time.  We went to the warehouse which did NOT have the water they had promised.  They had a partial case of the wrong size water, and a whole lot of the "don't sell" water.  Brands the customers hate. 

Ron had a tantrum.  I got the drinks he felt we needed and the snacks I felt I needed, for instance, more of the "Red, white, and cherry" patriotic pop-tarts.  They have been very popular. 

I was irritated to find they were out of "Brekfuss" as one of my customers calls the peanut butter crackers.  Damn.  Sorry, lady.  I tried.  They also only had one case of multi pack Nestle candy bars, also very popular (it has an assortment of Nestle candy bars).

I know some of you worry I don't care for myself.  I just had a lovely half hour hiatus with Torbie in my lap.  She's so soothing and such a gorgeous cat, inside and out, silky to the pet, and sweetest ever.  I'm so glad she picked me out. 

Anyway, I got what I could.  As I approached the truck, candy in hand (to put into the cab because chocolate would melt in the sun), the driver opened the door and smacked my hand, bruising a knuckle on my right middle finger.   He apologized, I forgive him, but oh, it's unpleasant to type. 

Not as bad as last winter, when I dropped that case of bottled water on my finger.  Ooh. 

We got to work, I unloaded.  I stocked.  I serviced the coffee vending machine.  I helped Ron, but he didn't need much help.  Things have been slow.  I had a complaint about a machine and I fixed it.  We paid a couple of refunds.  All in all, a pretty average day. 

We had a long wait to go home.  I was tired, so I laid down on the bench and put my head in Ron's lap.  I didn't care if people thought I looked "lazy".  It wasn't a perverted position, but a weary one.  I got up after about 15 minutes, feeling more energized, and our ride came. 

I was able to tell one of our drivers today about BARC's low cost spay and neuter clinic.  https://barchoustonblog.com/spay-neuter-prices/  I think it's really important to get the animal fixed at a young age so you don't end up with dozens.  If an animal starts breeding, you can have a big problem, fast. 

We came home and I took a nap for a while.  Ron had asked "our" driver to go buy him vodka, and given him money.  The guy bought him a liter and a half of vodka.  Nothing good can come from such a purchase. 

I don't know why someone who called Ron "a major alcoholic" would ever consider enabling him.  I don't complain because, if the guy stopped, Ron would just find someone else who would probably charge him more money.  I have learned that much in my experience with Al-anon. 

After Ron got his "precious", he put it away, and we waited on the ride to take us out to dinner.  A hamburger place.  I love hamburgers.  I would rather have a hamburger than a steak, any day. 

The driver got there eventually and we got there.  We ate our burgers and had just enough time to enjoy them before our ride home.  I know Ron had worked very hard making phone calls to ensure that would happen. 

We came home and I got the order numbers for some supplies I need to get from the wholesaler.  We have to do a "will-call" pickup for some coffee cups and vending machine hot chocolate.  I may also get some French Vanilla if Ron OK's it. 

Once I finished that, I was done for the day.  I don't go to work until Thursday. 

I got on Facebook and had a little fun, then came here to do my blog.  Not a bad length for a bad hand! 

I hope it is less painful tomorrow. 

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