Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Beast

Yesterday, I bought a"shelving system" that turned out to be a broken piece of junk.  Ron called our friend to take me to Walmart and return it, then go to Home Depot and get a steel shelving system. 

The guy was amenable, so we did that.  I presented the box, taped up, and then did the big reveal.  The woman's eyes widened and she said "Oh no, completely unacceptable".  It is amazing how that made me feel so much better. 

I got my money back, and we went to Home Depot.  It was kind of sad.  I asked where they kept the metal shelving.  They said they didn't carry it.  I told them, not only did I find it on the website but you have 14 in stock!   I gave them the store sku number and they were able to pull it up.  Glad I did that. 

I went and got the beast, 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet, 60 pounds, and very unwieldy.  It was also unbalanced.  I wrestled it onto the cart as our friend watched (he is older, and has health problems, so I never expect assistance). 

He did get some glares from other men, though, as I did various tasks like load paving stones, etc.  He got some glares on Truck Day, in fact one of the other vending guys came over and helped me put my last 4 cases of bottled water in the truck. 

Texan men are pretty protective of Texan women.  Usually, I like that.  It is nice to have the door held when I'm pushing Ron in the wheelchair, or assisting him with the walker. 

On the negative side, they act like I can't lift anything bigger than a sugar cube, but I'm OK with that now and then. 

I'd worn my back brace, good thing. 

I paid for everything and got the beast loaded into the truck.  It was a lot of fun getting said beast into the house, by myself.  60 pounds! 

Glad I have a good back brace. 

I had to go to bed pretty much the minute I got home, so I did that.  I did have a little trouble dropping off, but did, eventually. 

I have had a really good quality of sleep lately.  My configuration of pillows, bedding, and mattress ($200, 9 years ago), has been perfect.  The odd feline companion (I hope they're mine) just adds to the experience. 

Thank God. 

I am very vulnerable in the sleep deprivation department.  I get downright cranky, like a toddler.  Thank God I never had children. 

I got up early, did my God Time and shower, told the beast I'd be back, and went to work. 

We had a couple of issues and some moderate stocking.  I thought it was really sad.  I thank all my customers when they buy something.  I have done so from the day we started. 

Anyway, today, two of the "new" people from downtown (they are consolidating the two plants at our location) acted very shocked and startled.  I asked them "Did anyone ever thank you downtown?"  No, they replied. 

How sad.   Your customers pay your bills and give you a good standard of living.  Don't they deserve a thank you for that? 

We came home, I was pretty exhausted. 

I took a nap. 

I woke up right before the kids next door came home and went out to play in the yard.  Good, I told myself, at least the dog will get some companionship.  It began raining about an hour later. 

In the meantime, I was neck deep in the beast. 

1.  It requires 2 people for assembly.  I did it on my own, but only because I prayed. 
2.  The components do not appear to fit together properly.  They do, but they don't look like it. 
3.  The directional arrow on the shelf brackets was hard to find. 
4.  The shelves are heavy. 
5.  It is really hard to lift a heavy metal shelf 6 feet in the air and then slide it down over 4 legs. 
6.  As I engaged in step 5, the legs all splayed out in various directions. 
7.  About this time, Ron comes out and starts making jokes.  He ran off pretty quick. 
8.  It is pretty funny to watch Ron hobble up the hall.  Even funnier to watch him come back and try to get through my assembly, to the fridge.  He had to wait. 
9.  Once I got the first 2 shelves, the other 3 were a lot easier. 
10.  I did an OK job setting shelf heights. 

All done, I placed it on the sliders I'd bought, and began loading it with Bibles.  I have a lot. 

You get the idea.  I am about 90% done.  The Bible crate (held on Ron's wheelchair) is on the top shelf, you can see the lime green sign.  I have a folding metal handcart on the bottom shelf, and my Bible bag on the second shelf from the bottom (the white and black blob). 

You can also see my designer cabinets in the kitchen :P   They hold my plates, that's all I need.  My TV chair can just be seen in the far left of the photo.  This, of course, is my front room. 

Whoo.  I am exhausted. 

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wow good job!

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