Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Oh, I'm beat. 

Last night: hours of barking dog, earplugs helped. 

Torbie in my bed.  Awesome. 

Woke up, got the cats loaded into the carriers.  Went to the vet, got them vaccinated.  She said they look great, but a little chunky, and told me to feed more wet food. 

We came home.  I took a nap. 

Got up, went to Lifeway.  I had 3 cases of Bibles.  I also got some Bible Promise books.  That took care of the last of the Go Fund Me money (at least for now).  We brought that home and I put everything away. 

We ate dinner out with our friend, and went to the pet store.  Ron decided he wanted another cat condo for the front room, by the window.  We got one.  Torbie, in particular, loves it.  She loves to look out the front window. 

After all that, I was pretty beat. 

However, between the restaurant and the pet store, our friend put some raw peanuts in my hand, to feed the pigeons.  Within a few minutes, my allergic rash had flared up. 

I wanted nothing more than to claw the skin off my arm.  It was horrible.  Happily Ron had some benadryl. 

I believe I reacted to the peanuts.  I sure don't want to find out again. 

I'll continue to use the cortisone. 

I think I need to get some allergy testing. 

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