Wednesday, April 29, 2015

That kind of day

"Halla-fing-laujah" Ron sighed.  "We're finally going home!" 

You wouldn't think it would have had such drama.  I mean, we sleep in late, go to the warehouse, get a couple hundred dollar's worth of candy bars, go stock them, do our regular duties, and go home. 

However, we had catastrophic freeway wrecks today.  "The trauma center is hopping today".  All our rides were very late, and very long.

I even had one ride with a hair pulling (mine, if he'd had a chance!) spitting (yes, on me), "limited" client riding directly behind me.  I had to hunch forward, holding my ponytail in front of me, as the driver shouted at the client.  [head in hands, laughing quietly]  It was just that kind of day. 

I did take my shower, catch up on the laundry, and do my God Time before we left.  Thank God. 

I had a great sleep with Biscuit and Torbie in my bed.  It doesn't get any better!  Of course I woke up tired and horribly depressed.  I bit Ron's head off when he asked how I was doing. 

Depressed pretty much the whole day, and now, but not complaining. 

I did get all the candy.  I had to use some of my money, because I didn't have enough, but I got it back. 

We went to work and I got it stocked.  I discovered snack 2 has major coin mech issues.  It wasn't accepting any change.  We both worked on it for quite a while, and at the end it was stealing money.  I told Ron it had to go "down" (we have a power switch inside the machine).  He argued, but I told him "I would rather shut it down, than rip someone off.  I'm not that kind of vendor". 

THANK YOU! someone said behind me.  Oops.  Oh, well.  If they're going to gossip let them talk about that. 

Besides, we have 2 other snack machines. 

We had other issues, all dealt with.  Everything got stocked and all the OTHER machines are working OK. 

We even had a very interesting ride home with a contracted, Pentecostal, cab driver. 

Now I'm just waiting on the pizza.  I got Ron some Siracha Honey chicken. 

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