Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Your feet

I get a little tired when I hear women complaining about another woman's feet. 

"Oh, they're so ugly!  She looks like a crow!" 

1.  Not everyone has the money to waste on a pedicure.  $40 can buy a lot of groceries, or gas. 
2.  Not everyone has the time/energy to do a home pedicure.  Assuming they don't have a hand tremor, which I do. 
3.  Some of us know those footbaths at the nail salon are breeding grounds for flesh eating bacteria.  You couldn't pay me to put my feet into them. 
4.  Some of us don't have the time to spend at the nail salon.  

My feet work- they hold me up, get me around, and ran a half marathon.  They hold me up when I'm managing heavy loads and helping my husband.  My nails are not even, and sometimes I forget to shave my feet - why should I have to, anyway? 

Don't send me your hate.  I can, and have, done a lot more than you'd think on my feet.  My unmanicured, large, rough, feet. 

And I'm fine with that, thanks. 

If "OMG her feet are so gross I lost my appetite" that's your problem, not mine. 

I'm not staring at your feet. 

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