Friday, April 3, 2015

Stolen customer

Truck day. 

Slept badly, woke up with a headache. 

I took some Excedrin, my shower, and did it anyway.  I always bring my back brace on truck day.  I needed it. 

I felt OK enough to load the cart, the truck, unload the truck, etc.  Our friend had a date so I had to hustle.  Then I had to get it all into the building, in my opinion, the hardest part of the whole day, shoving those heavy handcarts up the ramp. 

Push, don't pull.  You will wreck your rotator cuff! 

I got that all into the building, and gaped in horror, at my empty snack machines.  Cue hours of frenzied stocking.  I am delighted they like my product selections!   Anything spicy is flying out of there. 

Boundaries are tricky with Ron.  He needs help.  I need to do my part of the job.  When we had complaints, they involved empty snack machines.  I always see them as a high and urgent priority. 

Yet Ron needed help doing his work.  The bottled vendor, for instance, makes as much as two snack machines combined. 

I couldn't stop to fetch each thing for him.  I would take him to the product, on the cart, and he got it.  He is good enough to drag something off a shelf.  I doubt he could put it back! 

We were both quite pleased with the solution. 

This is one reason I always pray for good communication with Ron, every day.  When you have that, it's everything. 

We got it all done, finally.  I had everything put away in the machines and the stockroom.  The machines looked great, and I doubt you could fit a can of tuna into our area. 

We do have a coin mech(anism) issue with one snack machine, but I put up a note and took out the only relevant item.  It's not giving dimes.  All our items are priced at either 70 cents or $1.  Not a problem.  I did have some 90 cent items.  Since Ron is the manager I asked, and he told me to pull them from that machine.  I left a note explaining. 

I did have a rather awkward moment while stocking.  A woman saw me in the stockroom and came over complaining about the other vendors.  I smiled, apologized, and said I was sorry but I didn't do those machines. 

Now, when I had come into work this morning I found two chip spirals twisted together in an unholy mating.  "I'm going to have a refund over this" I thought, and waited.  The customers always find me. 

Sure enough, she did.  "I'm so sorry about that" I told her.  "I've never seen that in 14 years!   Would you like the item, or your money?"  It is always better for us to give a merchandise refund, but I give them the choice. 

She wanted a bag of chips, but not that one, she wanted plain lays.  You got it.  I gave them to her, apologized again, and turned to find the irate customer watching me. 

She kind of huffed a little, peered at the vending machine, and dug in her pocket.  She bought a can of soda and a bag of chips, found a seat, and watched us stock. 

I didn't mean to steal her!  But I think I did. 

The new people are figuring Ron out, or they did finally have a little talk about him as I'd requested.  They get out of his way, grin, and watch him go.  He's pretty amazing. 

Finally, time to leave!  I was utterly exhausted. 

We got home well after 2.  It was a very long and taxing day. 

I ate a cold cheese dog and crawled into bed.  Thank God, everyone was quiet.  Thank you so much for being quiet, neighbors, I mean that with all my heart.  Even the dog was quiet. 

I got up and did my God Time, online a while. 

Before I ordered the pizza, I was very clear with Ron: I am going to get cheese sticks.  I am selfish.  I will not share the cheese sticks.  If you want cheese sticks you will have to get your own order.  Do you want cheese sticks?

Ron can be bad at "not wanting anything" and, then, "Just a bite".  I get resentful.  But, like I said, I ask God for good communication.  

I ordered a pizza, two orders of cheese sticks, and gave the delivery man some Bibles and candy.  He was pretty happy.  

That makes about 20 Bibles distributed this week. 

I also have persistent thoughts of Go Fund Me in my head.  I'm proud, I want to do "my ministry" all on my own, but God, I think, is letting me know that people want to help. 

I need to pray about this and get some counsel. 

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