Thursday, April 2, 2015

At the bar

Sad, frustrated, and scared. 

I told Ron it might be a good idea to get out of the house for a while.  I made some popcorn and we went out back. 

He took a margarita and a can of beer.  How special.  You have to get drunk to spend time with your own wife? 

We went outside, talked, everything going OK.  He finished the margarita and drank the beer. 

We talked some more.  "It's so nice sitting here drinking my beer" apparently I wasn't supposed to notice the other drink. 

"I want to find a bar". He waited.  I guess this is where I offer to help him. 

"That's not something I want to do, find you a place where you can drink."  He said that was OK, but he wasn't happy. 

I guess I was "supposed" to find him the "right" bar, take him there, and sit there while he got [drunk verb of your choice], then get him home somehow. 

Have you read my blog?

No [censored] [censored]'ing way in hell!  EVER.  

He is adamant, and if I directly oppose him on this it will only make him more determined.  So, he's going to go to a bar.  He's going to spend way more money than he would drinking at home, get drunk in public, and get completely obnoxious.

He doesn't realize this will have repercussions:
1.  Paratransit will not transport drunk clients.
2.  Legal issues, drunk in public.
3.  Possible fights, as he gets combative.
4.  Getting robbed 

He continues to pine for this mythical bar, where everyone understands him. 

The sad thing - he's just lonely.  He is choosing to spend his time with drinkers, rather than seeking out people who will NOT drag him down. 

I can only set FIRM boundaries, make suggestions (leave most of your money, work ID, and credit cards at home), and wait for the fallout. 

I will also turn off my phone when he's at the bar. 

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