Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Don't let me squash her!"

What is it about my neighbors and holy days? 

Christmas eve - party all night. 

Easter eve - party all night. 

They weren't awful, but they did keep me up.  Ron never gave me a clear answer on whether they bothered him. 

The earplugs helped a lot, but the dog next door went nuts around 1 AM, probably as guests were leaving other parties.  And, I'm sure, my cats had nothing to do with it. 

I did hear some hissing in my bed last night as Biscuit clambered over Torbie to lie down at my side.  It was nice while it lasted. 

When I was a child, I'd go to bed, my parents would come in later (one or the other).  They would help me say my little bedtime prayer by rote:
"Now I lay me
Down to sleep.
I pray the Lord
My soul to keep
God be with me
Through the night
And wake me with
The morning light"

Considering Dad was unreached, they did OK considering.   I got saved around age 8. 

These days, I do my God Time first thing in the morning.  I am generally more alert and have a quieter environment to focus. 

At night, I have one prayer.  "Lord, don't let me squash her!"  Torbie.  Every night, I pray that, if she, or they, are in my bed.  There's nothing worse than waking up to discover I have rolled over onto a cat, who is now flailing for escape.  [shudder]  Don't squash the baby. 

That's why I understand they may not want to sleep with me.  I'm big.  I roll around a lot, I may very well squash them.  I probably smell bad.  I get up constantly to pee. 

I wouldn't want to sleep with me, either.  But they do, a surprising amount of the time.  Torbie is the best, followed by Biscuit, Gravy and Baby Girl tied for last. 

Our ride was late and appeared to take the scenic route.  He opted to drive well past the church, on a freeway, then exit and follow another road back into town.  That didn't seem efficient to me, and we barely made it in time. 

This also happened last week.  However, I have better directions now.  Instead of taking 59, it's better to take a southbound freeway (Hardy or 45) to 610, follow it around to Braeswood, and take it out to church.   No doubling back, very fast, very efficient. 

I still managed to give the print shop owner my masters for Where to Look in the New Testament (a little tract I wrote years ago).  It's just what it sounds like, various problems listed, then verses on the subject.  I like it a lot and LOVE to put it in the Bibles. 

However, I have had a horrible time finding a competent copy shop "guy" to create it.  I have the masters.  I even have a finished tract.  They claim they can't figure it out. 

He said he'd take a look.  I am confident someone who owns a print shop can figure out a double sided tract. 

I told him I am happy to trim and fold, he just stared at me.  I think I might have insulted him. 

Anyway, we had church, it was good.  Good salvation message. 

I think that is important, as a lot of people really only attend Christmas and Easter.  If you're going to preach salvation, you have to do it those days at least. 

Our pastor is very good at preaching the gospel, though.  I asked the pastor if he was OK with me putting church info cards into the handout Bibles, and he said absolutely.  He was shocked it was even a question. 

So.  After church Chuck brought out 2 cases of Holman Outreach Bibles. These are really nice, they have tons of helps and a great salvation message.  They are pretty much the only Bible I can hand out without a tract in it. 

It was funny, our ride came.  I am so used to doing everything myself; I turned and found 2 of the guys helping to put away Ron's walker and the Bibles. 

"I'm used to doing this all myself!" I laughed. 

"I know" Chuck replied "We need to talk about that!" 

I gave a Bible to the driver and we went home, the good way. 

I got a pretty good nap when we got home, praise God.  I woke up with a moderate headache but it's better now. 

The Go Fund Me: I made a goal of $1000.  In one day I got a third of the way there.  That is a whole lot of Bibles, kids. 

It's going to be fun handing them all out. 

I have some plans:

Near our subdivision, a "bottleneck" intersection that is always backed up during rush hour. 
Bissonnet, with the hookers. 

Of course I have to work.  The Apostle Paul did that too, he made tents for a living, and then preached.  I am sure he preached a lot while making tents. 

Not that I put myself in his class!  I'm just a Bible Distributor! 

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