Monday, April 13, 2015


I've made a couple resolutions of late. 

1.  I won't gossip.  I fail, but I strive to avoid it. 
2.  I won't compare.  Everyone has their own trials. 
3.  I won't complain.  Again, I fail, but I strive to avoid it.  I don't like it in other people, I'm sure they don't like it in me. 

I am striving to be 1.  A good witness for Jesus and 2.  An overall pleasant person.  I want people to say "Oh, good, Heather's here!" and come over. 

Today went pretty well.  For whatever reason, the little dog next door always goes crazy barking on Sunday nights.  It goes on, and off, and on again, for hours, well past 10-11 PM. 

I console myself: the dog is annoying them too.  They have far busier lives, and far more sleep deprived.  It's going to bother them a lot more than it will me.

And aren't parents lighter sleepers?  They have to be, don't they?  Especially with an infant.

So, I didn't get the duration I wanted but the quality was decent.  I also had sweet, fat old Torbie in my bed.  She makes everything better.

I think she knows I am running depressed.   It wasn't awful today, just hard to get started this morning. 

I did get the shower and even shaved my legs.  Go, me.  I really like the in shower body lotion. 

I got my God Time later.  I always think, when I'm exhausted and horribly depressed, He wouldn't want to hang out with me anyway.  I know that is wrong, but it is pervasive. 

I have a strange rash on my right arm.  It is itchy.  I think I had contact with almond oil.  I am allergic to almonds so that would make sense.  Whatever it is, it made my skin furious. 

It's not as bad as the Horrible Hives back in 2009 (go look around October), but it's unpleasant. 

Anyway, we went to work.  We got everything done.  About the only thing of note.  I screamed "Stop!"  at Ron as he came up behind a Postal Worker using a vending machine.  He almost kneecapped the poor guy.  Later on, the guy came over, patted my shoulder, and said "Don't worry about it".  He was one of the "Thank you" guys from this weekend.  He also gave me a high-five later. 

All the machines are behaving.  I had some sales, but enough that I could keep up.  If I had the massive sales I'm sure the other vendor craves, I'd be completely overwhelmed.  I could manage what I had to do.

We left, had a good ride home.  We had a turnaround trip and went to Walmart.  I got some steroid cream!  For my arm.  I also got some soda, air filters, and garbage bags.  Ron got a lot of stuff.  I had him in the kiddie cart with me.  We also got some sodas for work.

We're working tomorrow but not horribly long.  It's supposed to rain every day this week.

That means no handouts for me, but I am pretty wiped out.  The trick is getting my rest without overfeeding the depression.

That's not always easy, especially since I am always tired.

Not complaining!  I just lack the wisdom sometimes.

We had a good ride home with someone I liked.  Ron did something sweet for the driver, which was appreciated.  He is a very generous man.

I really only have a couple of things I'd "adjust", if I could.

1.  I wish he would realize interaction with me is more important than listening to news on the phone, checking his voicemail, or watching the news on TV.  I get tired of the hand in the air "shut up Heather" attitude.

2.  I wish he truly understood my fatigue and mental abilities, instead of making jokes.  I hate it when he says "Is that all?"  But that goes to complaining so I'll stop.

What would he wish?

1. That I was the kind of housekeeper who couldn't go to bed until she'd washed the dishes and wiped the counter.

2.  That I had more energy.

Well, we all want something.

The cats are good.  Like I said Torbie's been sleeping with me more often than not, and Baby Girl's been sleeping in the doorway - we have our own "girl's room".   Sometimes I wake up and find Torbie on the kitty condo, or one of the boys in the bed.

Speaking of the bed, I need to put the winter bedding up.  I probably won't wash it before I put it on contractor garbage bags and store it in the garage.  I can wash it when I bring it out in several months.
Not perfect housekeeping, but that's something I can manage right now.

Days like this I'm going well to clean the litter box.

If I do nothing else, I clean the litter box.  All 3 of them (Ron is responsible for the one in his room).  

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