Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stupid tech!

Still depressed.  More so when Ron shared a "secret" he'd been hiding (scroll down after you read this post). 

And my keyboard isn't working, at least the enter key. 

Still not working.  This is going to suck.  I will try some things and come back. 

Ha!  Working now! 

Good, I have to go to bed early tonight. 

Anyway, didn't do my God time because I had to help Ron deal with his issue. 

I did it before I got online.  I did get my shower, boy did I (you will understand after reading the other post - why I felt the need for a cleansing)

We went to the bank.  That was fine but we had to wait forever on our ride.  We went home for a little bit. 

We had a good ride to the taqueria, but waited almost an hour for our next ride.  The driver, I believe, was playing games. 

One, she was across the street.  I was waving, she drove off in the wrong direction after seeing me.  I figured either she wasn't for us or she was playing games.  If she was playing games she wanted me outside, waving frantically, getting progressively more upset.  Instead, I sat down, drank what was left of my soda, went to the bathroom, and chatted to Ron, who was pretty upset. 

After I came back from the bathroom, suddenly she had found us and was waiting outside the door.  When Ron went a little right of the door she said "You're going the wrong way!" in a nasty, taunting, tone of voice. 

"He's got it" I replied calmly. 

"No he doesn't!"  again with the Nyah-nyah nasty taunting tone.  Ron boarded, by himself, like he always does, without any assistance, like he always does.  She kept laughing at him in a mocking fashion. 

She then asked us, eagerly, if we had been "waiting long".  Now, you can imagine how a typical person would react, having waited an hour, seeing the vehicle drive off on the wrong direction, then come back, and asks if they were waiting long.  After they waited an hour, and the driver knows exactly how long - it's in the computer. 

We ignored her, she asked again, Ron told her his pass number.  I love how he handled that.  The ride home is a simple, mile and a half trip.  I could tell she was going to play more games so I didn't even look out the window as I talked to Ron.  She slowed down at the wrong places, but when I didn't react she kept going. 

I figure anyone hired by the transit company, with a GPS, can figure out how to get us home.  I might have given directions but she was wanting a confrontation.  Some people are just like this.  They want to bait, frustrate, and taunt.  When you lose your temper, it's a payoff for them.  I do everything I can to avoid giving them a payoff. 

I doubt she will last long.  You need to leave your personality disorder at home; don't take it to work.  Not to mention she was running over half an hour late.  The company is docked if they are not doing on-time performance.  It was a very easy location.  We were in a strip mall on a busy street with very large signs. 

Anyway, we got home.  And I'm breaking my complaining rule, I think. 

We got home.  I took my nap.  It was a good one even though I didn't have any cats, and that is complaining!

I did get some kisses from Biscuit after I got up.  I did my God Time.  I will be going to bed soon.  Pray God I will sleep. 

I remind myself I will have an eternity with an awesome energy level. 

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