Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The bitch box

Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  [aggressive, long string barking]  Yap yap. 

Yeah, it was that kind of night. 

I didn't get to sleep until a couple hours past my bedtime, and that was wearing my earplugs. 

This afternoon, I found my earplugs loose in the bed.  I'd like to know... or maybe not. 

I woke up exhausted.  I skipped my God Time, but I did do my shower.  Apparently I didn't do a great job with the deodorant, more on that later. 

Work.  The food machine was down, again.  I swear I think it has a demon.  It was out of service, error message.  I took all the cold food out and put it into the other food machine.  I shut the door, and it went back into service! 

I don't trust it, though.  We do have access to the 2 parts it might need, so we'll get it fixed. 

I left the cold food in the "good" vending machine.  Well, it has eaten the occasional bill, but other than that OK. 

Vending machines are a lot like children.  If you don't keep (and even if you do) a sharp eye on them, they get into trouble. 

Anyway, we got it all done and came home. 

I took a nap (after finding my earplugs).  The dog next door likes to yap when she sees me.  I said "No" in a calm voice and she stopped.  Then I said "Good Girl". 

If nothing else, God created the yappy little beast and I have to at least consider that.  I don't have to love her, but I can't hate her. 

Even when she deprives me of sleep, pretty much every night of the week.  My lone hope: the neighbors are even more exhausted than me. 

Unfortunately, her lookout is right next to my bedroom wall. 

Anyway, resolving not to complain (Ron seems to like this even though he is continuing), I've only shared it here. 

Heather's blog: the bitch box!  [snorting with laughter] 

So, I got a good nap.  We had a lot of rain come in and I had a great nap.  I heard some "fussing" from Torbie as Biscuit climbed aboard and slept next to my left shoulder.  We had a nice little family gathering. 

Gravy is very much a Daddy's boy.  Baby Girl is very much her own cat. 

I got up after a couple of hours (remember, not enough sleep last night), and helped Ron run some change.  We went to the bank. 

The trip worked, to the bank, even though the driver kept saying he would "put (my) bag away".  He didn't realize I had the change in there and it was quite heavy.  Heavy enough I donned my back brace. 

I've mentioned this, a lot of guys, very unfit men at that - who have no idea of proper lifting technique, get very upset when I "refuse" assistance and manage to get the Heavy Thing all by myself. 

"If I'd let him get it" I told Ron, after he left "He'd have blown a disc and blamed me."   People have to be trained in heavy lifts.  Not only did I undergo on the job training, I powerlift.  I understand the mechanics. 

Do I always do it picture perfect?  No.  But I get it done, and, as yet, have remained uninjured, thank you Jesus! 

We went in and managed our business.  I teased the new teller and said we were her hazing.

We finished, and had a very long wait for our ride.  The bank closed.

"I don't" I told Ron "Think it's a good idea for us, me in particular, the white woman - to wait outside a bank, in this neighborhood, at night!"

God sent a muslim driver.  I was so happy to see him I didn't care, although I will be praying for him.  I even thanked him in his native language.

When we got home I realized I reeked.  Stress sweat.  

I ordered pizza.  My hands shook terribly as I ate, but I am figuring it out.  According to my blood tests, the shakes mean I am at the right lithium level.

It's actually handy.

When I'm not trying to eat, of course. I had to use one hand to brace the other.

Now, I've read I can use wrist weights, they apparently help when the shakes are bad.  Now, remember, I just saw my doctor, my medication is known to cause tremors, and said medication level is perfect.  I am not being stupid.

If I had the shakes for no apparent reason I would of course go see a neurologist.

[shrug]  I can live my life.  I can type.  I can work.  I can take care of my daily living stuff, the cats, and Ron when needed.  I'm OK.

I also called the Christian bookstore.  I asked if they had 2 cases of the evangelism Bible in stock.  The long time employee put me on hold and checked.  A new employee picked up.  I explained what I wanted.

"Two Bibles?" No, I explained, two cases.


And a case of "Invitations", too.


I think the old-timer had to explain my antics after the call ended.

They did put all my items on hold.

I just wish I could get rid of the annoying, itchy, rash on my arm.  The cortisone is helping (I got some cheap OTC generic brand), and I'm taking extra Vitamin C.

I might take a benadryl tonight, too.  It's one of the only allergy medications I can actually consume.  

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