Monday, April 20, 2015

Who is feeding you?

I think it's a good question for all Christians.

It is very common, and popular, for believers to find a favorite teacher and use him/her for all our spiritual feeding.  At times, they will become infuriated if anyone speaks a word against our chosen one.

Now, I have 2 good pastors I like.  I trust them on nearly everything.  They are good teachers, grounded in the word.

Here's Pastor Mike

Here's Pastor JD

Both really good guys.  I admire them. But I check their work - if what they say isn't rooted in the Bible, then I reject that message.   Not that it has come up, but I am careful.

You see, I get my primary feeding from The Bible.  That's why I get up an hour early every day, study the Bible, pray for others, ask God to reveal His Word to me, etc.  Vital.

I feel like a positive failure if I don't do this.  I have made it a major priority and that is the one time Ron does not disturb me.  That was a hard fought battle, let me tell you - it took years, but he respects that now.

I don't care if he bothers me any other time.  I'd rather he not wake me up unless he needs to go to the hospital, something is on fire, or a cat is hurt - and he respects that.

Point being: make the Bible your primary spiritual food.  Don't rely on man to teach you about God, rely on God to teach you about Himself.  He will always honor that:
James 1:5 
New King James Version (NKJV)
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 

God doesn't like intermediaries, that's why He sent Jesus to atone for our sins.  He wants us to have a "direct", personal, private, relationship with him.  

That's why, when I want "Bible Lite", I go for a Bible Promise book.  They are very easy to understand.  I do use a small sprinkle of man's teachings - but I always run them past, and through, the Bible to ensure I'm getting fed "right".  

I even ask God to protect me from false teachings.  Do you know how many prosperity teachers we have in Houston?  We are infested.  I'm a human being.  I had better ask for some protection.  

That said, it is good to find a good Bible-teaching pastor and/or an excellent devotional to add to your regular Bible study diet.  If you find one, it's a blessing.  Enjoy it/them, but always, always, run it past the Bible.  As you continue to read the Bible things will ring true, or false, in your soul.  

That's it.  Have a good one.   

To the troll: 
This is MY blog.  I don't HAVE to post your comments.  You want to attack my faith - you can.  God bless America and praise God for the First Amendment.  But I don't have to post your attacks on my blog.  I stated this clearly in the comments section: inappropriate content will be deleted. 

I don't care what you think of me, or my faith.  Name call all you want, you won't get a pulpit.  Have a nice day, I am praying for you.   


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