Saturday, April 4, 2015

Don't pour it!

I am very happy with my new layout. 

We had a pretty quiet day.  I didn't sleep well last night. 

I think my "decaf" instant iced tea, is not decaf.  I will be stopping that.  I am getting pretty sick of the bad dreams and interrupted sleep. 

It's funny, I don't usually see myself as getting "good" sleep because I'm always fatigued.  However, I realize my standard

Vignette from my life: "Ron!  Don't pour that on your salad!  It's BBQ sauce!" 

However, lately I realize my standard rest is looking pretty restful. 

I woke up, took my shower.  I got distracted online for a while, and I didn't think I had time to do my God Time (as it turns out, I did).  I did it later. 

We went to a BBQ restaurant.  My stomach was pretty iffy today, so I had a piece of cheesecake.  I hardly eat any meat these days - it just seems to bother my stomach.  Whereas a plate of red beans and rice sounds absolutely delicious.

Ron ate some brisket fries.  They call it something else, but it has cheese and brisket on french fries.  The fries were very hot and good.  I ate a few.

We had a good "visit".

Ron did lose his temper when we left the building and he smelled cigarette smoke.  Now, smoke has always bothered him. 

However, since his head injury, it makes him furious.  He tends to rant and rave, which is what he did, as I stood there, highly embarrassed. 

I didn't have to be embarrassed.  Ron's bad behavior only reflects on him.  The smokers left pretty quick. 


We got picked up.  Our driver was an interesting guy.  We chatted to the client in the front seat and I gave them each a Bible.  Ron and I got to talking about the Bible Handouts, then Ron got to talking about the End Times. 

The driver had enough, apparently, and rewrote his schedule, dropping us off half an hour early.  That wasn't our intent. 

One pastor told the congregation we talk about what we love, and it's pretty apparent we both love God and evangelism.  I guess... or maybe, like he said, he didn't want to double back. 

I tried to take a nap, but someone was using a power saw, which upset the pit bull on my back fence.  I had to use my earplugs.  I didn't want to because I had a sweet, purring, Biscuit kitty. 

I did get some sleep.  I don't know how I'll sleep tonight but tomorrow night is doubtful.  I have to get up very early for our delivery.  I'm trying to bank as much rest as I can. 

I got up, did my God Time.  Ron interrupted a few times, reminding me why I do this first thing in the morning before he's awake.  I finished and we watched a little TV, I fixed my blog (thank you Jesus for Your help), and posted on Facebook and my message boards.

I plan to unwind a little and go to bed.  I will probably wear my earplugs because a lot of the neighbors (except, amusingly enough, #6) are having guests tonight.  


Anonymous said...

The title and subtitle on your blog home page shows up huge (at least on my computer). Otherwise, I like the color of the new layout.

Heather Knits said...

I was able to change the title font but not the description. I like it better now. :)

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