Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clown Vampires

Clown vampires. 

Boy, I was really happy to wake up from that one. 

It was a pretty good morning.  I got up, spent some time with Ron, took a shower (Going to do my God Time later when I kick this headache).  We went to Walmart. 

I got the kiddie cart, the one with the seat on the back.  I loaded Ron and we went shopping.  They are redoing the planograms (merchandise display), so nothing is where it was. 

However, my love language is quality time and I had a very willing companion.  We had a good time.  I did forget one thing. 

We checked out and went outside to find a wonderful driver, early, already waiting for us.  That made things even better! 

We got home.  I made sure I unloaded the heavy things.  That's my job, anyway - loading and unloading.  The driver's job, is, well, driving!    If the driver wants to help they are getting the light things. 

I headed in, ate, and took my afternoon pills.  To quote my Doc  "I don't care when you take them, morning, noon, or night.  I don't care if you take one at a time or all at once.  I just want you to take all of them, every day!"  So I don't worry if it's an hour "early". 

I took my nap.  However, someone was trimming a tree, with a high pitched, very noisy, powertool.  Understandably, it has all the neighborhood dogs quite upset. 

Time for the earplugs.  I slept, a little, but had a nightmare about clown vampires. 

Of course I got up after that.  It would have just gotten worse if I hadn't. 

My Dad took me to horror movies when I was a kid.  I had also watched an episode of Supernatural before I went to sleep - Dean figuring out the Mark of Cain.  They probably combined with bad neurotransmitters and ambient racket to create the nightmare. 

Happily, I don't have many nightmares, and not many post traumatic ones.  Those are absolute hell.  Ron taught me a little about lucid dreaming.  Basically, reminding myself that I am dreaming, stopping the abuse in the dream, asserting myself, and removing myself from the drama.  I have had varying success, but during all my recent PTSD nightmares, I have been able to do it to a significant degree. 

Praise God not that. 

Oh, and no headaches taking 2 Butterbur capsules every day.  Good stuff.  Normally I have at least 10 days of incapacitating headaches right before my period. 

That's huge, and thank God for that. 

I pray my faith will always be a huge part of my life. 

Speaking of my life, I have to be careful with energy bars or I'm going to kill myself.  I am, most likely, allergic to both Almonds and Peanuts.  Definitely peanuts. 

As a result, I can't eat anything with Almonds/Peanuts.  Every energy/protein bar in the world has - guess what?  Almonds and peanuts!  

I am stuck with 3 varieties!  Literally!  I am getting so sick of vanilla whey and chocolate mint.  I HATE strawberry, but when I saw they had a strawberry I could eat I bought a box! 

I might have been a little manic.  I've talked about that, buying WTF? things when I am manic, "sobering up" and saying "What???". 

Anyway, I should be OK with that. 

Oh, and I am going to eat the Blue Bell ice cream I bought.  Yes, it has been recalled.  But the Cookie Dough and the institutional flavors tested positive for the listeria, not all flavors. 

I discussed it with Ron and we both agreed I'd likely live if I ate my Mint Chocolate Chip, and my Creole Cream Cheese pints. 

Regarding trolls, I have had one leaving comments.  Some fail to realize this is my blog.  Here, I am Moderator.  That means nothing posts without my permission. 

If you want to come along, attack my faith, expect me to give you a forum, take your bait, and argue, you are wrong.  It's my blog.  I choose to avoid all that.  You can name call all you'd like, malign my faith and my God, and try to bait me, but it won't work.  I simply feel a little weary as I resolve to pray for you; and I can't help but imagine that passion invested into doing God's work...

To quote Max Erhmann "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit."


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with trolls . It used to seem like a smaller world, no longer can we trust or feel safe when we are online. Thank you for sharing your journey.

to those who malign Heather? you are truly wasting your time

Anonymous said...

Desderada my favorite :)

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