Friday, April 10, 2015


I was pretty disappointed.  I had worked hard all day doing "slave" manual labor.  I had busted my butt - literally, so tired my butt hurt, helping Ron run his business.  I had gotten up at 4 AM to ensure this happened. 

Ron, later on, found a housekeeping thing he didn't like and shouted at me for nearly an hour, demanding I keep the place better.  How am I supposed to do that, I wondered. 

Today, for instance I bought a nice-looking storage unit.  However, it was plastic, and broken to bits "It looks like they threw it off a cliff" I told Ron.  However, the box appeared fine. 

Now, I have the aggravation of returning a huge, broken, plastic storage rack.  But, like I told Ron, "I'm not eating this, Walmart will"  I refuse to just hand over $35, plus tax, for broken bits of plastic.  I paid for a storage rack: I got cheated. 

Speaking of, Ron was furious today; the paratransit company left us at Walmart an hour longer than he wanted.  He complained bitterly the whole time, doing his best to ruin my morning.  He was even complaining at random strangers. 

I can choose to feel embarrassed, or not.  I was, mildly, especially when an older lady saw me sitting with Ron, came over, and said "Oh, you must be his wife, let me give you a hug!" 

The lady was right, after all the bitching I did need a hug. 

It's just - constant, bitter, complaints.  When I object Ron tells me I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at God.  That if, I really want Ron to stop complaining, I need to ask God to serve Ron's agenda. 

When I reply, I tell him God doesn't work that way.  

Infuriating.  One reason I don't even bother to object any more. 

I just did my best to focus on positive things, happily dreaming of my nicely organized Bibles... we all know how that turned out!  [laugh]  I did get some cat toys, and some hair things. 

Houston summers are often both very humid, and windy.  My end result, frizzy hair flyaways blowing in my face and eyes, whenever I'm outside (which is pretty often).  It's frustrating.  It is also really inconvenient when I'm doing something like Truck Day. 

I got some headbands that look to be helpful, and a casual pair of shorts for hanging out around the house.  I tried the smaller size, thinking, well, my 22W are pretty comfortable, maybe I can get away with the smaller size, after all it's a 2 size pair (1X, 2X, etc).  I tried on the 2 X.  Ugly. 

Imagine sausage in a black casing.  Yeah.  It was pretty horrid.  I immediately removed them and got the 22-24 pair. 

I got some drink mix, soda, a few things for Ron. 

Our ride came early, which was great.  She was really nice, sweet, and a fun driver. 

We came home, and I took a nap. 

I've been battling a headache, partly hormonal, partly due to weather fronts.  According to the Weather Channel, I can anticipate a stormy week ahead (at least meteorologically).  That probably equates to more headaches.  Oh, well, we need the rain. 

I woke up with a cat in the bed, I'm not sure who.  I hope it was one of mine! 

I couldn't tell who it was, before I went back to sleep.  I woke up alone.  :( 

I took something for my headache, and attempted (ha!) to assemble my storage rack.  What a disappointment.  Ron's going to see about arranging a ride for me to return it tonight. 

He's not evil - just moody. 

It sounds like I got my ride. 

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