Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fan Club

The plant has provided large televisions for the employees, in the cafeteria.  The televisions are always on when I'm stocking.

Normally that would be great, but I get sick of liberal "news", "who's the father", ignorant gossip shows, etc.  One day the "news" was doing a section on improving your home.

"Who sleeps on a $200 mattress?" The host derided "No one who's sleeping at night!  You need to sleep on a mattress costing at least $1,500."  He continued in that vein, continuing to mock the "$199 mattress".

 I happen to sleep on a $200 mattress.  Ron bought it for me, along with a bed frame, back in 2006.  It has been a very comfortable mattress.  If I'm not sleeping on it, it's due to me, not the mattress.  Once I lie down I always feel great.   It even has a 25 year warranty. 

I've placed that mattress on a $100 bed base/frame.  It is incredibly sturdy and comfortable.  It "talks" a little but I find that soothing.

Having finished with beds, the host went on to mock "Those awful particleboard cabinets with the wood veneer"  Guess what I have?

They hold my dishes, pots, pans, and cleaning supplies just fine.  I'm sure one of those house hunting or home improvement shows would view my kitchen with deep horror, but it works for us.   I don't do a lot of cooking anyway. 

I'm happy with my cheap veneer cabinets, and my $300 bed.   I'm a woman of simple tastes.

Yesterday we had the day off.  It was supposed to rain, but didn't.  More on that in a minute.  We went to Walmart and came home.  I cleaned out the cabinets.

Ron got drunk and woke me up twice last night.  He wasn't belligerent, but he "couldn't find the door to the bedroom" on one occasion and "Thought (I) had gone out for the milk delivery" the second time.  Both times I told him he'd woken me up, and he laughed at me.

I was pretty pizzed, especially since today was truck day.  If I had been doing anything for Ron alone, I would have told him no way and gone back to bed.   As it was, I had some sharp words once he got up. 

As it was, this was business.  Oh, and it was pouring down rain.

On Truck Day, I'll remind you, I take inventory and put it on a flatbed cart.  Today, 42 cases.  I pay for the inventory, then take it outside and load it into the truck (my "helpers" have bad backs).  When we get to work, I load it all onto hand carts, take it in the building, stock, and store the leftovers in my (very small) area. 

I did all of this, some of it in the pouring rain.  The day after I started my period!  I had remembered to wear my new microfiber t-shirt, cost about $11.  It's made of a polyester fabric, sweat wicking and fast drying.

I like it.  I'm still wearing it over 12 hours after I donned it.  I also wore my back brace, of course.  Per advice from a chiropractor, I only fasten it when I'm lifting, when I'm done I unfasten it and wear it on my shoulders like a vest (I have a brace with suspenders). 

I got everything stocked, it looks good.  I reset sandwich prices (now $2.50) in the food machines and stocked same.  I was happy to see people were actually using the food machines.  They are pretty slow lately.  I was worried we might have to throw some items out.

I stocked all the "good" snack products and gaped in shock at my decimated candy bar selection.  They really like what I'm doing.  That's a good thing.  It's a little alarming, having such a "fan club", but good. 

As always, I said thank you to everyone, assisted if necessary, made change, smiled a lot, and interacted with Ron.  I'm sure some of the workers think I'm a bitch, "making" Ron work, but he wants to do it, declines assistance, and I have my hands full taking care of the other 5 machines!  Ron does the bottled soda vendor, and 3 can soda vendors, with my help.  I "fetch", mainly, or replace inventory in the fridge.

Monday should be interesting.  We have a soda delivery (very early), a sandwich delivery (did I mention we are forecast even worse storms on Monday?), a soda machine delivery (they are swapping out a very old model), and of course the usual stocking and interacting with the other vendor?  Yeah, crazy.

I guess I'll be bringing some protein bars, a poncho, and probably my Kindle, in a plastic bag.  Oh, boy.

However, those running around like crazy days go very fast.

Today sure did.

Pretty soon time to go.  We had a great ride home.  I did my God Time (I was pretty angry this morning, and the Bible says to forgive "offenders" before praying), and then we went out for a hamburger.  It was good.  I was sure happy to eat someone else's cooking.

We had a pretty good ride home, and tomorrow off.

I hope I sleep OK tonight. 

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