Friday, April 17, 2015

The little brat

I had today off. 

Goal 1:  Get a lot of sleep, because I have Truck Day tomorrow, and a soda delivery very early (as in 2 AM alarm) on Monday. 

I did a pretty good job of that. 

Goal 2: Go to Walmart and get some rubber gloves so I don't kill myself buying peanuts (2 kinds) and "Toasty" peanut butter crackers for my customers.  I plan to double glove when handling them.

I did that, and also got some soda, some TV dinners for Ron.  "I may not cook" I tell Ron "But I'll make sure you have your dinner".  I also got him some more popcorn.  I think that's a little healthier than snack foods.  I didn't tell him the beans and tortilla chips (he likes bean dip), make a complete protein. 

I was, however, pretty depressed.  I didn't even showered.  I figured, hell with it, it's Walmart.  Usually when I go down this road at work it results in encountering a manager or Someone Important! 

I did my God Time before getting online; I pare it down when I'm depressed.  

While at Walmart, I also got some shelf-stable foods, and cup a noodles.  They have a great profit margin. 

Ron and the other manager talked, they are raising prices on the sandwiches to $2.50.  I saw a receipt from the gas station down the street, a tuna sandwich cost $4.30.  We can certainly charge $2.50. 

Work "over" for today, I bought important things like Lysol (they have a new fragrance that smells like lemon candy), Diet Mountain Dew, other drinks and drink mix, mints, cat treats, 100 count disposable gloves, 30 count extra long gloves (that's how I got the hives on my right forearm, something rubbed), protein bars, hydrocortisone cream (one is going to work), chips for Ron, ice cream for me, fake crab, jelly, bread, milk, popcorn, and chips. 

I have a fake soynut butter that's actually pretty good.  I plan to pair that with the jelly and make sandwiches.  That's easy depression food and will hold my medication without any nausea or vomiting. 

I'm looking for easy, semi-nutritious meals.  This should do it. 

It's a complete protein and has some vitamins.  I have a pretty rigorous supplement program. 

The nausea's been very reduced, taking a cheap ginger root supplement with every dose of medication. 

My cycles were horrifically heavy, now they are far more normal, taking a soy isoflavone supplement from Swanson. 

The Butterbur (also from Swanson) has been really helpful in reducing my migraines, and the intensity when I do get a headache. 

I also take a multi vitamin, C, cal-mag-zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc.  All my blood test results were great, so they must be alright. 

Anything I can do to help. 

I took a nap once I put the perishables away, and gave Ron his stuff.  I was hoping to get a cat in there, but they ran off. 

Torbie, the little brat, got into my bed AFTER I got up! 

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