Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back to bed

I'm glad I did my blood tests, otherwise I might worry about the constant fatigue.  Medication, I remind myself.  I am taking some very toxic drugs. 

Last night, I had to explain that I'd have massive trouble downloading music for Ron.  1.  Amazon changed their downloader.  2.  The last time I tried, I ended up with all his music, and mine, from the cloud, on my hard drive.  It is very annoying to have his stuff come up on my playlist.  and 3.  Medication makes it really hard to think, to begin with. 

It would take me a little while to figure it out, I told him, assuming I could at all.  He might want to get someone else to do the downloads. 

He was Not Happy.  I ended up putting in my earplugs and going to bed early.  It was just that kind of night. 

I slept about 10 hours, woke up, did my shower.  As I got out of the shower, Torbie looked up at me with big, tragic, green eyes. 

"Meow".  She never meows.  I knew she wanted treats. 

I got some treats, and served her.  Biscuit and Gravy showed up and walked all over Ron, waking him up (the cats are used to getting treats on his bed, so that's what I did).  I didn't think of that.  They woke Ron up (to my credit, only 5 minutes early), and he wasn't happy. 

I heard a lot about that, but when he calmed down I explained,  she said meow.  With the Big Green Eyes.  I had to treat her.  

I told him I'd do it again, but next time, I'd treat them in the hall.  He was happy.  I am, and more importantly, so is Torbie.

The cats are the dominant species. 

He also brought up the download issue, asking if it was "really that bad".  "Call my pharmacist" I suggested calmly, "Ask if (my medication) can produce these side effects."  That set him back and got him thinking. 

I don't know what we're going to do about the whole download issue, but we'll figure it out. 

We went to Carl's Junior for breakfast.  He had a steak burrito, which he said he'd get again.  I got a breakfast burger.  Turns out it has ketchup, tater tots, bacon, and a nice charbroiled meat patty.  I liked it. 

We got Ron something to go (I still have plenty of pizza, from Sunday).  We had pretty good rides to and from, but I kind of doubt the first driver will make it long term.  She was very timid, driving.  "She couldn't make a simple turn" I told Ron.  Maybe she will adjust, maybe not. 

I did feel a little uncomfortable.  It is an awful feeling, not trusting the driver.  Happily, I have never had that experience riding the "big bus". 

I considered making a Day Out, since we were already on a busy street at the restaurant, but I decided to come back home and (shockingly) take a nap.  I'm not kidding about the fatigue.  It turned into a wonderful nap when Biscuit showed up and joined me in bed.  I love to sleep with a cat.  It is one of my favorite things in the world. 

It's supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon, so we'll work in the morning.  I don't know what we're doing Thursday, but it's supposed to be pretty dry, and rain Friday. 

Of course that is all variable.  We just never know with the Houston weather. 

I just hate being depressed when it is SO nice out.  It's sunny, mild, not even breezy, one of those perfect days.  And I just want to go back to bed. 

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