Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Firemen Handout


Yeah, it was an interesting Handout. 

I went out with 25 Bibles, distributed 19, in 50 minutes.  Considering I was working in a solid middle class residential/industrial area - I'm happy.  Hey, one Bible makes me happy.  Standing there with the sign makes me happy, because someone's going to think about God when they see it. 

Let me tell you, though.  The haters were hating.  You'd think I'd have this problem in the ghettoes.  I don't.  They just ignore me or want a Bible.  These guys, boy were they scowly, shaking their heads, frowning at me, etc. 

To quote Taylor Swift, I just shook it off.  I feel sorry for them.  It was a much tougher crowd, but that made it more fun when I did distribute a Bible.  One lady took 3, and wants to attend my church now.  I was glad I put the church invite cards into the Bibles. 

One lady was dressed for a food service job, her hair in a bun, under a hairnet.  She was surprised, but happy, to get a Bible. 

I gave out a couple of Spanish, that always makes me happy. 

I gave one Bible to a young man covered in colorful tattoos.  I really wanted to get the garbage truck guys, but they couldn't get over.  Instead, I had a FIRE TRUCK.  The window was open.  I dove into my bag, grabbing the biggest stack I could hold.  I handed it up to the driver, who was grinning.  "I'll hand them out to the guys" he said.  YES. 

I did get some people, I believe to be Christians, nodding and waving back as I cavorted on the corner.  One lady stopped and told me she really liked what I was doing.  I told her God gets all the credit on that, I get panic attacks around traffic, but NEVER on a Handout. 

I'm just the tool, nothing more.  I am only notable because I go. 

Please pray for the recipients! 

Added later:
Apparently, I wasn't done yet.

I took what was left of my Bibles to the chicken place.

Except we couldn't get a ride to the chicken place, we got there half an hour late.

JUST in time to see the police talking to the mugging victim. She had been robbed INSIDE the chicken place. The employees are behind a plexiglass wall. If that road had a median.... perfect for a handout.

Everyone was totally freaked out. The employees got Spanish Bibles, and I gave some Scripture booklets to the victim and her friends.

Total 27 Bibles today, counting drivers, not counting the Scripture booklets.

Sure glad our ride was late, or it would have been us, getting robbed. 

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