Friday, May 1, 2015

Only fell once

It was long.  It was crazy.  But we got it all done. 

Wednesday night, I saw a couple of temporary workers waiting in line to heat up their lunches, and I decided I'd get THEM microwaves.  Not the entitled, whining, abusive jerks, but the sweet young ladies who were so resigned to waiting. 

I made sure to tell a big gossip just WHY I did it, too.  I don't want the bullies thinking it paid off. 

For that to happen, and a vending machine repair, I had to get up at 3, go to Walmart, buy the damned things, along with some personal stuff including some delicious looking lemon poppyseed muffins, pay, go to work. 

Once at work I had to unload the vehicle.  Get a cart.  Install the microwaves.  Make change.  Get the repairman. 

I had brought an old coin mech from home.  We did a "chop shop" on an old food machine that was getting trashed. about 3 years ago.  We took off every usable part, including the coin mech

I brought it in today, figuring the old one might be dead.  It was.  So, not only did I save Ron $150 for a new coin mech, I saved him $65 for another service call.  :D  The repairman also helped with some other issues. 

That done, I stocked, helped Ron. 

We may have made a contract on another guy with a truck for our "truck days" (having one tomorrow).  Considering our current driver is obese, 70, diabetic, with a bad heart, it seems prudent.  

We left. 

We went home for a little bit.  Had I been smart, I would have done my God Time instead of watching paranormal dramas. 

We had one more trip.  We went to the Starbucks, and I walked over to the pet store.  We were down to our last bag of cat food.  Not acceptable. 

I found one more bag, at least, and got a bag of the Blue Salmon.  Biscuit has a sensitive tummy (he's a little pukey) and they all eat grain free.  The Blue seems to be better-stocked than the "Simply Nourish" - which the cats love.  But if I can't GET it, I'll have to switch! 

Why is this a big deal?  Well, take the hurricane.  We couldn't get any rides for a week after the hurricane.  Imagine I was out of cat food. 

I discussed all this with Ron, told him the old black cat was still up for adoption (it's a good thing we don't live out in the country), and bought a bag of each.

I came back and Ron tried one of the juice drinks.  He thought it was ghastly and I gave him some Diet Coke.

I don't drink Starbucks.  The high end management has been very hostile toward evangelical Christians, and basically told us to go [censored] ourselves if we have "a problem" with gay marriage.  Well, it's not Biblical.  I have a problem condoning any sin.

If a business tells me to go [censored] myself, I'm not giving them money.

So, I don't get anything.  Ron does, but I get a drink from next door.  It's my own little statement.

Speaking of statements, it's going to rain, it seems, most of next week.  It looks like I will have to do a Handout tomorrow or Sunday, after church.

At least it's not Mother's day.  I have Big Issues with Mother's Day.

Think about it, my mother actually planned the pregnancy, then binge-drank "At least a fifth a day" (witnessed) during the pregnancy.  I was born disabled.  She neglects me.  When she finds out I am disabled she runs off, then comes back, still neglectful - to a criminal level.  Eventually she lost custody at age 3.

She never even bothered to visit.  I saw her maybe a dozen times in my life, and my Dad had a complete open door policy for her.  She smoked and drank herself to death, and died basically homeless on a no-tell motel bathroom floor.

I forgave her.  It's commanded.  I mainly feel pity when I think of her.

But I will not say I had a great mother, she was "so wonderful" "the best person in my life" all of that.
 Happy Mother's day, to the woman who mangled me for life!  If you hadn't done it, God wouldn't be able to use me the way He does for the Bible Handouts and other evangelism!  Thanks for showing me Romans 8:28 in action!  [twitch]  I don't think they have a meme for that.

I will, most likely, skip church next week.  I hate faking it.   Besides, we will have to get up very early on the 11th for a soda delivery. 

When I was home, the first time, I ate 2 of the lemon poppyseed muffins.  They look a lot better than they taste.  They definitely had the poppyseed going, and I love poppyseed pastries.  However, they had minimal lemon flavor.  I took my pills, figuring 2 large muffins "ought to hold it".  I was wrong, wrong, wrong. 

One swig of pepto, and some Alka-seltzer later, I'm still queasy.  Not complaining, lesson learned. 

I am glad I have some pizza left over from the other night - that will make a great lunch/dinner when I get home from work tomorrow.  That agrees with my medication as well. 

[sigh]  I used to just eat.  Now I have to calculate if it will agree with medication or not, and time it appropriately. 

I do thank God for medication.  I will never forget the desperate desire I felt when I first heard medication existed to make me feel better.  When I took it, and realized it worked.  

I thank God for that everyday, and I only fell over Ron's walker once today.  :p  

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Anonymous said...

Love the new background! And your positive outlook in life

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