Friday, April 1, 2016

Fight film

The morning was pretty uneventful.  I woke up, did my God time, took my shower, got dressed (not in that order) and went to Walmart with Ron. 

I had a pretty bad headache but I had eaten one of those cookie/brownie hybrid things from Domino's pizza, which I blamed for the headache.  We also had a weather front come through with some showers. 

We went to Walmart and Ron spent most of the money.  I just got some energy bars and toilet paper, basically. 

Ron got a fan, a lot of cat treats, etc. 

We came home and I put everything up (except, as it turns out, the ice cream), and took a nap as the ice cream slowly thawed in my tote bag. 

When I got up, I got online for a little bit and then Ron and I went to the mall.  He loved the teriyaki place.  Our ride was very late and not a very good driver. 

He actually parked adjacent to a fight occurring in the parking lot, being filmed by two unrelated (different race) adults.  I am probably on tape carefully steering Ron around the mayhem, which seemed to be mainly gutter ghettotalk, trash talking with the occasional punch.  The police showed up as we left, or I would have found them in the mall and told them about the fight before it got worse. 

"The people filming it" Ron said "Were actually feeding the behavior.  How can anyone back down or apologize on camera?"  I agreed. 

Just another sign of the end times, rather than get help, they wanted to film it so they could youtube it and show it to their friends. 

Sad, sad, sad. 

I got the food (an order of Teriyaki, and some burritos from Taco Bell for Ron) and found Ron, ate one of my tacos, and our ride showed up.  She wasn't in a big hurry to get us home, probably worried she would get "an extra trip" (drivers hate them) so close to checkout time.  We got home and Ron ate his food, very disappointed in the teriyaki.  Last time, he said, it wasn't very good, and this time it was "bad' too.  They must have changed the sauce. 

I wasn't real happy when I heard kids from #6 in my front yard chasing a cat, but the cat got away and the kids realized I was watching.  I figure if I make a big fuss about them leaving the cats alone they will just pester the cats.  I will make it "fun"  and "forbidden" to bother the cats. 

The cats are smart enough to avoid the children, they are on the naughty list with the cats.  I have to remind myself the cats can certainly run away. 

I have to pick my battles.  Now, if the kids are going in the backyard after the cats I will call the police to come give them a little lecture about trespassing, because they all know they don't have permission to come into my yard. 

I ate my other taco and took my pills.  I looked for my ice cream, didn't find it, and realized, to my horror, I must have left it in the tote bag. 

That was a mess.  I was pretty upset.  Ron was still raving (not in a positive manner) about the teriyaki and thought I was upset at him, so he left and went in his bedroom. 

I cleaned up the mess and drank what was left of the ice cream.  The cookie dough bites were still tasty. 

I hope I don't get another headache tomorrow. 

My cycle's about done, happily.  I will run a load of all -whites and bleach them when I'm sure we're done. 

My other clothes still look pretty good, but my work keys are digging a hole in my back pocket.  I either need to patch it or get a new pair of shorts.  They are bermudas, black, in a 20W.  I can get another pair pretty easy but I think I'll stick with denim for my work clothes.  These are more a twill. 

I just hope I can sleep OK tonight, I took some caffeine headache tablets earlier and they can mess me up when it comes to bedtime. 

Tomorrow we do truck day and get a whole truckload of merchandise. 

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